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September 20, 2018 Thursday: Throwback Thursday  Left to Right: Seniors Katelyn Piche, Carlin James, Patric Bailey, Sally Blackburn, and Jenna Crafts

Class Colors

Sept 19. 2018 Wednesday Spirit Day: Class Colors Seniors: Blue and Gold  Alex Dirickson (Left) Zach Shaffer (Right) Juniors: Carolina Blue  Cole Eakle (Left) Riley Poe (Middle) Autumn Hearon (Right) Sophomores: Orange Frank Perkoski (Left) Sydney Rockefeller (Middle) Baleigh Smith (Right) Freshmen: Green Abby Bryant (Left) Carter Howard (Right)
Sept 18, 2018 Tuesday Spirit Day: Pajama Day  Juniors Ty Smith, Shane Pennington, and Danny Gibson
Sept 17, 2018 Monday Spirit Day: USA Senior Sam Theiser Sophomore Taylor Sconce Sophomore Trey Addair

Indy Star Player of the Week : James Mabry

  Running back and defensive back James Mabry was named Indy Star’s football player of the week. But, this isn’t the only achievement Mabry has had this season.   Not only going 4-0 with his team, Mabry has gone four consecutive games with over 100 rushing yards. According to Indy Star, in game one against Lebanon, Mabry had 107 rushing yards. Then in game two the following week against Danville, Mabry had 162 rushing yards. In week three, Mabry had 181 rushing yards against Plainfield. Finally, Mabry put up 113 rushing yards against Greenwood in game four.   “I wouldn’t have been able to be Indy Star’s football player of the week without help of my teammates, especially the offensive line.” Mabry said.   Mabry has accomplished so much in just the first four games, but there is only more to come.   

Answers to New Teachers

1.  japan 2. 120 3. St. louis cardinals 4. Meryl streep 5. St louis 6. Robert 7. Cleveland indians 8.mrs. hill 9. ms. frank 10. Mr. stewart dodds frank 13.mrs. lyell stewart 15.mrs. scammacca smith   1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B