Monday, November 28, 2022

First Book Review - Gracie Holcomb

                        First Book Review

    Reading can be viewed by teenagers as “boring” or “a waste of time,” yet for some people books can be therapeutic. Books can be a safe space for people to escape the reality they live in. On the other hand, books can be boring, if it is not the right genre for the person. Books can do wonders for a person; it can build knowledge and broaden someone’s imagination. 

    For beginning readers, a book that might be interesting would be, The Fault in Our Stars- The Fault in Our Stars written by Indiana writer John Green, published on January 10, 2012. This book is about a teen who has been struggling with cancer and is put into a support group filled with people who are struggling and going through the same experiences as she is. 

    Little Women- Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott in 1868, is not known by many but those who do generally love it! The book was written 154 years ago, so the book will involve illnesses and basic life struggles that people nowadays are not familiar with. This book is a heartwarming tale about sisters growing up through childhood to adulthood. It involves friendship, love, and overall character development along the way. 

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 Click To Get a Link To The Book



Monday, November 21, 2022

Profile Lylah Theriac - Suzanna Paul

                 Profile Lylah Theriac 

Who is someone to keep an eye on this swim season? Lylah Theriac is a freshman at Mooresville High School. She is a varsity cross country and track runner and is also a varsity swimmer. In middle school she received many school records for swimming including 200 Free, 100 IM, 50 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Free, 400 Free and 100 Breast. She has very high expectations for herself this swim season. 

“I think I have a chance of making it to state in swimming,” Theriac said.

It’s only the beginning of the season, but there are many people with high expectations for her. One being Lilly Deverick, a Sophomore at MHS, who has swam with Theriac for a total of two years. 

“I’m really excited to see her swim in high school. I think she has the potential to break a lot of Mooresville records,” Deverick said. 

Theriac has many different compelling traits, not only with her physical abilities but also her inviting and kind aura. She is noticeably a hard worker with a good drive to complete tasks. 

“I think her best trait is that she is able to still have fun during a really hard practice and support others,” Deverick said.

Moreover, Theriac is the one to watch this swim season. On the very first meet of the year on 11-18-22 she broke two different school records. The first was 100 Butterfly with a time of 59.27 seconds and the other was the 100 Backstroke with a 1:00.32. Catch her swimming next tomorrow at home at 5:30 p.m. against Cascade.

Photo by Rose Freeman

Jesse the Janitor Profile - Kade Fisher


                                             Profile: Jesse the Janitor

One of the most essential parts of a public building is a good custodian. Luckily, MHS has their own very talented Custodian named Jesse Valdez.

“It’s pretty fun, we all have a good time here, don’t we?” Valdez said.

General ideas of what a custodian does around this school is probably just sweeping and mopping the floors, or wiping the windows; however, Valdez does much more than that. 

Valdez said he works on everything. From door glass, to redoing the floors, electrical, a little bit of plumbing, general cleaning, so basically everything. 

There’s a lot of important things this head custodian does and the other custodians at MHS that often don’t get noticed or appreciated. This holiday season, make sure the next time someone like a custodian, lunch lady, etc. make sure they’re thanked for what they do around this school. 

Photo by Kade Fisher

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Food Drive and Student Resources - Olivia Denny

                            Food Drive and Student Resources

The Mooresville food drive race has begun! The grade that donates the most non-perishable foods is given a reward of free admission to the powder puff volleyball game, and to purchase a raffle ticket with the opportunity to pie an administrator in the face. This gives students motivation and usually results in a wonderful turnout.

 Here's how someone can help! Donating cereal is a great way because it is the most needed food item. Cash Kidwell is a Freshman, and he’s the student council treasurer. “Boxes of cereal are especially needed because it is easy for little kids to get for themselves if they are home alone over the break,” Kidwell said. School food drives are a fantastic way to engage kids in their communities by expanding access to food and teaching them how to organize a community event. Help stock the shelves for people that need it, especially this time of year. 

The Student Body Vice President is Holly Conner. “The canned food drive is very important because it gives back to people that need it in this hard time,” Conner said. The food drive will continue until November 18, which is when the food will be delivered to churches in mission. “Everything that we collect is going to be combined with the elementary and middle school and feed our kids through the breaks because sometimes the only food these students have are what they have at school,” Mills said. The goal is to see the crates overflowing. Working together to make the holiday season easier for so many others.

Photo by Olivia Denny

Monday, November 14, 2022

Top Things MHS Students Are Thankful For - Suzanna Paul

          Top Things MHS Students Are Thankful For

It’s becoming that time again; the leaves begin to change colors and then eventually fall off. Then towards the end of November is the big day to spend time with loved ones and eat lots of food. The day in reference is of course Thanksgiving. While there are so many delicious foods to eat, there is one big important factor that the season should be focused towards more. This is of course the thankful aspect of the holiday. 

There was a survey done to see what top three things MHS students were most thankful for this season. There were many completely different ideas of what to be thankful for. Some of the most common were family, food, religious figures, pets, and friends. 

Freshman Magnus Thorstenson this season has quite a few things to be thankful for. One including his well-off family. “Having a good family with parents with solid jobs and solid lives,” Thorstenson said. He also was thankful for having a good head on his shoulders.

Photo submitted by Magnus Thorstenson

Mooresville occasionally has exchange students coming through the school to experience a different perspective in life. One of the few is Jennifer Latino; she has a unique thanks this year. “To my parents for letting me do my exchange year.” Latino said.  She also said she was thankful for her grandparents undying love for her and her best friends back home in Italy for giving her motivation, love and support every day.

Photo submitted by Jennifer Latino

Senior Matthew Hochstetler had very thoughtful responses to this question. “Being able to have food to eat, with the rising food prices, it is much more difficult to find food that won't make you broke,” Hochstetler said. He is very thankful for many different people including his parents supporting all of his endeavors and having a nice home to stay in. 

Photo submitted by Matthew Hochstetler

Now for a look at a teacher’s perspective, Elizabeth Burke is an MHS history teacher. She’s  excited about one very specific thing this year. “I’m thankful I’ve got to spend more time with my family, since I’ve  moved back home.” Burke said. 

While this time of the year is very exciting because of all of the different food and activities to do, it is important to keep track of what to be thankful for. Listed above was just a small number of the things to be grateful for. Without all of the different important factors in life, there would be nothing to be able to celebrate. Family, biological or not, is such an important part of not only this season, but all of life, so sometimes it’s important to step back and make sure to show thanks for the little things in life.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Mooresville Competition Cheer Team - Gracie Holcomb

Mooresville Competition Cheer Team

 Last week, Mooresville's’ very own Competition Cheer Team placed third in the state! This was the highest score that Mooresville has ever received. Also, Mooresville’s Stunt Cheer Team placed first in state. The Mooresville competition cheer team has been working diligently to move their way up in the Mid State Conference. 

Ruth Parker is a Sophomore, and has been a Competition cheerleader for five years, she has been a competitive cheerleader at Mooresville for one year. Ruth is a flyer on the cheer team, this is a very important role, the flyer provides more energy in the stunt and adds excitement to the stunt. “As a flyer, your main job is to use your strength to maintain your balance so that it is easy for the people beneath you to perform the stunt,” Parker said. Ruth said that she would like to smile more in the upcoming competition. Smiling is very important when cheering, it improves your impression score and is overall something the judges look for.

Daniel Western is a Junior and has been a competitive Cheerleader at Mooresville for one year! Daniel is a back spot support. This makes sure the stunt is stable, which is vital at making sure that the flyer does not get hurt. “We’re working on making sure the stunt hits, and are consistent, and we’re trying to improve on making tumbling and stunting on time and that it hits,” Western said. Overall, it looks like Mooresville's competition cheer team is working hard on their stunts and impressions that will take them further into the competitions. Good luck to the competition cheer team.

Photo Submitted by Kayli Keith

Girls' Wrestling First Meet - Kade Fisher

                  Girls' Wrestling First Meet

    On Saturday, November 12, 2022, The Girls' Wrestling team will have its first meet. This is very interesting and should get brought into light more because this is the first time in Mooresville's history of a girl’s wrestling meet. Junior Mady Law has joined Girl’s Wrestling after previously being a kicker for the football team in the fall. “I think it'll definitely be a learning experience. I think I’ll be okay; it’ll show me what I need to prepare for in future meets,” Law said.

    Coach Daniel Mikesell has been preparing the girls for their first meet in the best way he can by training hard, giving them good words, and just trying to get them in a good mindset for their first meet. “I’m excited about our first meet, it’ll give us a great chance to really show what the girls have been working hard for and to show everyone out there what we can do,” Mikesell said.

    Saturday, MHS will be wrestling at this meet, this meet gives the opportunity to show what MHS can do and how well Mooresville takes pride in taking care of their athletes. The Girl’s Wrestling team has been working hard for this moment to show their strength and that even with the team being brand new, it doesn’t mean that they can’t pull off a victory for Mooresville.

Photo by Kade Fisher