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College Tips by Abby Cox

For most seniors at Mooresville High School, college is coming up fast. The overwhelming feeling of childhood coming to a close can spread like wildfire around the school when someone announces the number of days till graduation. Then seniors could stop and think, “Am I prepared of college.” There are numerous checklists all over the web to print off or download as a safety net when moving out. There may be a few things forgotten until a few weeks into school, however these lists may prevent that. Preparing for college could mean downloading lists and making sure dorms are more home like. Having friends to go through the change with could help. Here is some advice for MHS graduates. “Connect with people and create social groups because it’ll make {college} easier to bear,” Mooresville High School graduate Aundreya White said. “If you know someone and want to share text books, it saves money,” Mooresville High School graduate Lacey Watt said. “Sleep is super important.

Athlete of the Year Finalists by Peighton Noel

  Students were given the opportunity to nominate their peers they believed were deserving of the title of “Pulse Athlete of the Year.” The nominations were open for athletes of any age. There will be one male winner and one female winner. This title is not associated with the Athlete of the Year named by Mooresville High School. Robbie Gentry    Junior Robbie Gentry has been a name circulating throughout the community in recent seasons.   Gentry played alongside his teammates as a Defensive Lineman, participating in the sectional championship.     More recently, Gentry came out of the wrestling season with a successful record. In the 285 pound weight class, he ended with 27 victorious matches out of 33 total. Gentry also won the title of sectional champ and semi-state finalist in his weight class.   Gentry can be seen as a coachable player with a good work ethic.   “I believe in the coaches and do what they say, and put in a lot of off season work,” Gentry

Misconceptions About Snakes by Spencer Guffey

Fear has been taught to everyone when they were young children. ‘Don't touch that it's dangerous!’ ‘Don't go near that it will bite you!’ Most of this fear is towards animals, reptiles in specific. Snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians are classified as reptiles. Fear surrounding these animals can be a taught behavior. These animals are branded as dangerous, malicious, and evil even before a person meets these types of animals. Most fears are taught at a very young age by people who are around the child. “I started fearing snakes when I was in fifth grade” Shelby Dorsett said. People who have fears in certain animals tend to project these fears onto the people around them. Inexperience with certain exotic animals can cause a fear of them as well. “[People] don't understand how snakes act and so they’re scared of the unknown.” Blaine Yeager said. People tend to fear what is unknown to them, and having no expierence with snakes can be a big cause of fear.

Ask Avery Squared

What advice can you give to someone coping with the transition from high school to college or middle school to high school? Avery H. - I guess I’m a little weird, I enjoy talking to animals and trees. That’s okay though, I have more fun than most people. What did you want again? Avery M. - Embrace the freedom you get. Every transition comes with more liberty. Don’t take it for granted, but don’t take advantage of it