Monday, May 13, 2019

Jonah Cordray by Joshua Hansel

 Junior Jonah Cordray participates in a lot, such as being; the student body president, a tennis player, and a member of Spotlighters and Madrigals.
  He became student body president for the year of 2019-2020. He wanted to be president so he could bring new ideas to the student body.
  “As president I’m hoping to get more students involved with extracurricular and school spirit
 Cordray said.
  Corday has been apart of many unique opportunities, one being a member of the “School improvement team for 2019,” which allows Cordray to give students a voice in any changes in the coming year.
  Cordray also enjoys Key Club, Chess Club, BPA, Euchre Club, and Unified Track. He considers these to be some of his hobbies.
“i like how he is involved in a diverse group amount of activities involved in many things all into high school experience,” Student Council sponsor Aaron Milauskas said.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Senior Alex Sanders Breaks The School Shot Put Record by Kimmy Turley

  Senior and thrower Alex Sanders recently broke the school shot put record with a throw of 39’ 6”.
  “I ran to my mom and gave her the biggest hug. Then, my step dad, then just random people. It was the happiest moment ever.”  
  Sanders has been a part of track for four years, and her favorite thing about being in track is her team because they are her family.
  Sanders was able to break the school record because of her coaches, and because they pushed her to do her bet and nothing less.
  Congrats on breaking the school record Alex!
photo by Jimmy Turley
photo by Kimmy Turley

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Science Behind Pets by Spencer Guffey

Pets have been around for a long time. They have been human’s companion for several hundred years.
According to, “The history of pets is intertwined with the process of animal domestication, and it is likely that the dog, as the first domesticated species, was also the first pet.” Animal domestication has been going on for so many years, and it's still going on to this day.
Animal domestication started over 15,000 years ago according to, starting with canines. The main reason why animal domestication started was for warriors to get help in hunting with wolves. These warriors would lose some of their people while hunting because of larger prey items. Having wolves made them lose less people but if anyone was lost it was most likely the wolves, which could be bred to make more.
In the modern world pets are kept for emotional purposes, medical services, or just to have them. Studies show that having a dog around can release oxytocin in our bodies and the dogs. More studies even show that dogs can detect cancer and death in humans before doctors can, which is why many hospitals have trained dogs to sense those kinds of things.
“My pets make me happy because they are funny and super sweet.” said Junior Katy Shaffer.
This is an extremely common emotion associated with pets because of peoples attachments to them. When people become attached, they possess a deeper love and understanding of their pets.
“I feel much more relaxed and happy.” said Mrs. Burger about her cat and dog.
Some pets, like dogs, can cause chemical reactions in both the person and the animal. This can be described as the stare of love from your animals. The stare that makes you feel amazing and so happy. This stare is what can cause a release of oxytocin in your body and your animals body. People with who get regularly anxious also report their animals helping them calm down and refocus.
Many pets are considered family but most people, which can further increase the love people have for them. To a lot of people, the love and acceptance from their pets is a lot. People feel like pets actually listen to their problems and connect with them. This causes many people to tell their close friends and relatives about their pets, inclining those people to get pets.
“I feel relaxed and happy when I am with my pets.” said Junior Michael Dorn.
Having a pet can greatly help people with their health, mentally and physically. No matter what kind of pet, whether it reacts to you as well, they can help people.

Kier's Art Festival by Drew Denton

  On May 3, 2019 at 5-7 p.m., an event is being held at Mooresville High School. This art and music festival dedicated to Kiersten Woodward is in honor and in memory of her.
  “The whole evening is supposed to be spent celebrating the artist Kiersten is and the inner artist that she inspired in other people.” junior Elizabeth Kasper said.
  MHS and Herron High School are asked to perform a song or an art piece that can either be viewed for the evening or auctioned off. All proceeds go to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital.
  Auditions were held April 10 for the music portion of the arts festival. Students can sing, dance, and play their favorite instrument.
  “Art donation forms can be picked up from Mrs. Summerlot and once those are filled out you can drop off the artworks in Eickhoff’s Room A125,” Sydney Wells said.
  NHS has planned this Art Festival and have spent the past couple weeks spreading the word around.

The Memes of 2018-2019: The Defining Jokes of a Generation column by Noah Justus

Memes. A rising cultural phenomenon that helps define the current generation. Each  year brings a plethora of odd but comical internet inside jokes. This past school year is no exception to this.

August- Johnny Johnny
Stemming from the popular children’s channel on YouTube, Million Dollar Surprise, Johnny Johnny took the internet by storm with its off-putting animation and poorly translated dialogue.
Photo by Million Dollar Surprise
September- Roblox Kanye and Lil Pump
Everything about about this video is meme worthy. The absurd clothing concept, the off color lyrics, and even the catchy chorus. This meme lingered months after its peak due to its starpower.
photo by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

October- (Returning Favorite) Spooky Scary Skeleton
Every year this meme seems to fight its way to the top of the October memes. This meme features a low quality clip of a man dressed as a pumpkin dancing to the song “Spooky Scary Skeleton”.
photo by Channel 4 (THE CW)

November- Surprised Pikachu
Reaction memes are the most common out of all memes created in the past few years. Surprised Pikachu is the prime example. The surprised simplistic face can cover a variety of emotions that can be applied to many situations.
December- Sprite Cranberry
This meme appeared out of nowhere last December and returned with a vengeance this year. It features Lebron breaking into a family’s home and cooling them down with the advertised beverage.
Photo by The Coca Cola Company
January- Big Chungus
The first year of the new year features a clip of bugs bunny changing his appearance to imitate his hunter in a mocking fashion. It has garnered a lot of hatred over the past three months due to overuse.
photo by Warner Bros

February- Ultra Instinct Shaggy
This meme was months in the making but only exploded recently. This meme features the beloved the Hanna Barbera cartoon character completing impossible tasks with minimal effort.
March- LET ME IIIIIIN!!!!!
“Let Me In” is a video meme with footage taken from the Adult Swim Show, The Eric Andre Show. It usually used to make light of situations where something is unattainable.
photo by Adult Swim

April- Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh
The most recent meme this year is in a twin panel format similar the the “Let Me In” meme. The first panel features a normal Winnie the Pooh sitting in a chair. The second being the eccentric and classy version of the first panel. It is used to compare and two similar things.
photo by Disney

Our Spring Refreshments: How students at MHS quench their thirst column by Avery Hoffman

 It’s warming up outside. This spring, students and teachers at school want to quench their thirst with tasty refreshments.
  Many delicious liquids and tasty treats come to mind, such as fruit smoothies, juices such as orange and apple, with cranberry as an honorable mention; also, beverages and treats combined, the infamous root beer float.
  Junior Ariana Halstead enjoys strawberry or mango-peach smoothies most of all.
  “These smoothies are very sweet, and texture of the ice is very cooling” Halstead said.
   Sophomore Mackenzie Morgan’s favorite drink to sip in the summer is grapefruit juice.
  “I like how strong the flavor is” Morgan said.
Math teacher Ms. Vaughn has a particularly special beverage of choice: the dairy queen lemon lime freeze, a combination of ice cream and a slushy. “They are my favorite!“ Ms. Vaughn said.