Fall Homecoming Spirit Day: Class Colors

Freshmen Class  Photo by Shelby Swain

Game Day Q&A: Girls Soccer featuring Emily Key by Noah Justus and Payton Batchelor

Why do you like to play soccer? “I like soccer because I get to spend time with my friends, take my mind off things, play the sport in general, and it’s fun.”
How do you think the game will go tonight? “I think we are really going to bring it to them. I think it’s going to be good and senior night will be fun.”
How has the season gone so far?
“It’s gone good. It started out rocky, but each day we are improving and winning."

Fall Homecoming Spirit Day: Jersey Day

Freshman Class  Photo by Shelby Swain

Game Day Q&A: Girls Golf featuring Ellie Brill by Noah Justus and Payton Batchelor

What do you like most about your sport? I love how you can compete with yourself, but you still get to be part of a really fun team.

Fall Homecoming Spirit Day: Pajama Day

Freshmen Class
photo by Shelby Swain

Jonah Cordray by Joshua Hansel

Junior Jonah Cordray participates in a lot, such as being; the student body president, a tennis player, and a member of Spotlighters and Madrigals.   He became student body president for the year of 2019-2020. He wanted to be president so he could bring new ideas to the student body.   “As president I’m hoping to get more students involved with extracurricular and school spirit  Cordray said.   Corday has been apart of many unique opportunities, one being a member of the “School improvement team for 2019,” which allows Cordray to give students a voice in any changes in the coming year.   Cordray also enjoys Key Club, Chess Club, BPA, Euchre Club, and Unified Track. He considers these to be some of his hobbies. “i like how he is involved in a diverse group amount of activities involved in many things all into high school experience,” Student Council sponsor Aaron Milauskas said.