Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Christmas, but When?


Once Halloween night passes, the gift-giving and family-based holidays are coming right up. Some start celebrating Christmas on Halloween night, while others may believe in waiting until Thanksgiving. Every person has their own time preference as to when to start celebrating Christmas, but what really is the perfect day to start celebrating? 

 During Halloween time, many enjoy decorating and preparing for the holiday, but when it is over people become sad and without having anything to look forward to, life becomes boring. By beginning to celebrate Christmas the day after Halloween, there is no time to be bored by typical life, as you have a new holiday to look forward to. 

   Christmas is a big holiday to celebrate for many Mooresville citizens, so there are typically plenty of things to prepare for in the time before Christmas. 

   Some may argue that Thanksgiving should be celebrated first, but there are not nearly as many Thanksgiving themed things to celebrate as there are Christmas. Thanksgiving is a mostly food and family based holiday, so there are not many things you can start celebrating until the actual day. There also are not many decorations to buy and decorate with, which is a large tradition before Christmas that many spend a very long time preparing. 

   “Christmas should be celebrated after Thanksgiving, because if you do it before Thanksgiving you’re letting off some bad luck,” senior Cheyenne Gregory said. 

   If Christmas gives people something to look forward to, maybe it isn’t so wrong. 

Gravity Falls


Mooresville's Secrets( Gravity Hill )

   Officer Billy Snyder first heard about Gravity Hill in the 70s and says that Gravity Hill has been known to pull cars uphill for decades. People would drive to the exact hill in between 710 Keller Hill Rd and 708 County Hill Rd to put their car in neutral. Then, the car would start being pulled uphill. Some say that the heavier the car the faster it goes. Some also say that it matters if the car is facing east or west. It definitely works though and was even on an episode of MythBusters. The hill is actually a very convincing optical illusion, so even today people still visit it.

    “I think everyone should try it. It's really cool how you look like you're being pulled up a hill,” Snyder said.