Friday, August 31, 2012

MHS Athletics Now on Twitter

Do you want to find out the latest scores and game changing information for your Mooresville Pioneers?  You can now follow MHS Athletics on Twitter and get current and up to date information as soon as it happens.  You can follow MHS Athletics at   @TheVilleAthletics

Mooresville Football Game Promotes Veterans Recognition on September

The staff and students of Mooresville High School will recognize veterans in the community during the Friday, September 7th home football against Greenwood High School.
All local veterans are encouraged to attend to be recognized during half time of the varsity football game. The school and athletic department would like recognize and thank all local veterans for their service to our country.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Mooresville High School Athletic Department
Edward Jones Athlete of the Week

Week of August 20-25, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boys Tennis Season Preview

by Veronica Smith
 This year’s 2012 boys’ tennis team has been practicing diligently for the upcoming season.
      “I am trying to motivate his teammates and try his best to win sectionals this year,” senior Alec Hallgarth said.
   The boys all have a goal they would each like to accomplish as one and as a team.
   “This season I’m excited to have a good year with friends,” freshman KC Earls said.

She Kicks Like a Girl

By: Abby Ellinghausen
This year at MHS the football team is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “play like a girl” as sophomore Ashley Kimble joins the team as a kicker.
“I just wanted to try something new and see what it is like,” Kimble said.
            Soccer has always been Ashley’s main sport so she thought it might be a good idea to take her kicking skills onto the football field. She is still a member of the girls’ varsity soccer team so she is very busy, but still manages to balance it all with school.
“It’s really tough. I go from school to football and then straight to soccer and it’s getting even tougher,” Kimble said.
            Having had a girl on one of his teams in South Carolina, head football coach Chad Dockery wasn’t hesitant on letting her join the team.
“Yeah she’s a female, but she’s just as much a part of this team as anyone else,” Dockery said. He also added that there have been no problems with the boys accepting her and everyone has been very supportive. According to Ashley her teammates thought it was weird at first, but as soon as they realized she was serious about it they warmed up to her.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Allen's New Style

Word In The Hallways
by Taylor Childs

   Mr. Adam Allen's new grown-out hair has sparked some interest among the students and faculty. He revealed his not-so secret secrets to the Pulse.
    “I just grew it out,” teacher Mr. Allen said, “my wife told me to.”
His tricks on styling it are not out of the ordinary either. 
    “Sometimes I use a little product, tacky paste.”
There’s also been a change in his attitude.
    “I’m beaming with confidence,” he said, “just a happier person now.”
His new found fame was a surprise to him.
    “I didn’t know I was going to get this much attention,” Allen said.
There will be no advertising for him though; unfortunately his fame is confined to the school.
    “I wanted to do a commercial but I can’t, it’s real hair,” he said.

Errett Amongst the Champions

Errett Amongst the Champions
by Cassidy Kelley

   Dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks and the first ever Olympics, wrestling has always been a prominent sport all over the world.
   In the Summer 2012 Olympic Games, Mooresville High School’s very own Mr. Zachary Errett had the honor of being an official for the wrestling portion of the games. Arriving on the same day as opening ceremonies in London, Errett had to report to his hotel where he received his instructions for being an official in the Games.
   Rules are extremely different between high school, college, and professional wrestling, but the excitement and exhilaration stay the same.
   “It’s the biggest sporting event in the world,” Errett said. “Being able to be a part of that experience was very rewarding.”

Sal's Famous Pizzeria Takes Over Old KFC Location

by Catherine Hagee and Shyla Harless

 Renovations are in progress at the old KFC building on Indiana Street. Sal’s Famous Pizzeria will be taking the space. It has taken three months so far to restore and clean up the building, and there is not an official date to be open yet, but the owner hopes to be open before the end of September.
   “We have been looking to open a location in Mooresville for a while now, since there is not a real Italian restaurant in Mooresville,” Owner’s son Joe Russo said.
  If you are looking for an application, visit Sal’s in Plainfield at 350 E. Main Street.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Picture Retake Day

   MHS picture retake day will be August 28. This will be the chance for all students and staff who haven’t had their picture taken to have them done on that day.
   Seniors photographed on this day will only have their photos taken for IDs. For senior photos, seniors are to go to Prestige Portraits for yearbook and commencement photos. If you are a senior and need to schedule an appointment or have any questions, Prestige Portraits can be contacted online at, or at (317) 829-2088.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guidance News: Wells Scholarship Information

by Taylor Childs
   Based solely on merit, this scholarship provides full tuition, mandatory and course related fees and a living stipend for four years of undergraduate study on the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University. The scholar may also choose to spend one of these years studying abroad.
  The scholar program emphasizes close interaction with faculty; academic and career mentoring; opportunities for internships, research and community service; a year-long freshman seminar and frequent contact with distinguished visitors. Between 18 and 22 incoming freshman receive the award each year.
   If interested, please submit a copy of your brag sheet and the following essay to the guidance department by September 13, 2012.
   “Please formulate a question about an issue of significance about an issue of significance about which thoughtful people disagree. Then in an original essay of approximately 600 to 800 words, present your analysis of the issue and your response to the question, noting the strongest competing arguments.”
   Mooresville Fact: Kaitlyn Walker was the last one in Mooresville High School to receive this scholarship.

EDITORIAL: New Reenrollment System Successful

      This year, the staff at Mooresville High School and Paul Hadley Middle School began a new system of re-enrollment for students starting the school year.
       Students came to the school before the official start of the year, and received their IDs, schedules, and to get pictures.
    “I thought the program was fun, and it was a lot like a scavenger hunt. I liked getting stamped,” junior Alivia Duerlinger said.
   This new program worked out greatly for MHS.  The program gave students the opportunity to walk through their schedules before the school year started, allowing them to avoid being lost on the first day of school. This saved students the stress and embarrassment of ending up in the wrong class by mistake.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Mooresville High School Athletic Department
Edward Jones Athlete of the Week
Week of August 13-18, 2012

SOCCER:  Senior, Logan Bowling
This past week senior Logan Bowling helped lead the Lady Pioneers to 2-1 record to start the season.  Logan recorded 6 goals and 2 assists in a tough loss to Columbus East and in two victories over Decatur Central and Columbus North.  Logan had a solid pre-season and has demonstrated a strong work ethic both on and off the field helping leading the Lady Pioneers.   

SOCCER: Senior, Antonio Gioe
This past week the Pioneers went 2-1 posting victories over Perry Meridian & Columbus East.  Senior Antonio Gioe scored 6 goals during the three game span; 3 against Perry Meridian, 1 against Columbus East, and 2 in a tough loss against Center Grove.  Antonio’s offensive production has given the Pioneers a strong start to the young season.