Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EDITORIAL: New Reenrollment System Successful

      This year, the staff at Mooresville High School and Paul Hadley Middle School began a new system of re-enrollment for students starting the school year.
       Students came to the school before the official start of the year, and received their IDs, schedules, and to get pictures.
    “I thought the program was fun, and it was a lot like a scavenger hunt. I liked getting stamped,” junior Alivia Duerlinger said.
   This new program worked out greatly for MHS.  The program gave students the opportunity to walk through their schedules before the school year started, allowing them to avoid being lost on the first day of school. This saved students the stress and embarrassment of ending up in the wrong class by mistake.
   This also saved teachers a lot of time and stress, because they didn’t have to help lost students find their way and try to find lost students who were supposed to be in their class. Another benefit of this program was the signing of papers was done all in one day, giving students less to take home on their first day back.
   “I though the program was helpful, because there wasn’t as much to take home,” freshman Duncan Millikan said.
   Another benefit of this new program was students being able to find their locker and test whether or not it works. With this program, students with broken lockers were able to notify the school corporation and have it fixed before the first day of school.
   The students who benefited the most from this new program, though, were freshmen. When a new freshman starts the year at MHS, it is daunting to find classes and lockers and just one’s way through the school in general. With the new program though, freshmen were allowed to come in before school started and map their way through their schedule.
    “I liked that I got to see my classes before the first day of school,” freshman Tyler Smallman said.
    Another benefit for the freshmen and sophomores was that through this system, they were able to pick up school issued laptops. This year, students were able to pick up their computers before school started, saving the school a great deal of time.
   Though the program had some setbacks and some students didn’t show up, the program was an overall success.