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Slushies on Sale for JSA

   On September 30 through October 11, JSA will be selling slushies during lunch. There will be blue raspberry sold for $1.00 and apple cider for $1.50. Bring your own money, you can't charge it to your lunch account.    The money from the slushie sales will go to the funds for JSA's Washington DC field trip.

Homecoming Evening Schedule

MHS Band Fish Fry: 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. in the Mooresville High a School cafeteria  Game Time: 7 p.m  Queen Coronation and Float Contest at halftime of the football game  The parade will begin at 5 p.m. Friday and start South on Indiana St. From MHS, turn left (East) on Main St. through the center of town, turn left (North) on Maple Lane, then turn left (West) on St. Clair St. back to MHS.

Spirit Points Update


Pep Rally Seating

Homecoming Field Day Supervision Friday, September  2 0, 201 3   SOUTH GYM   Concession Stand     South East Bleacher   North East Bleacher Juniors Phillips (Bond)                 Shafer ​          Vaughan McAdams     Chain Damron        Burnett Jenkins         Dickerson South East Bleacher Freshmen Lindsey          Mirabelli Skaggs           Robinson Gobel            Neese Zollman        Johnson Bothwell      Farrand Goodwin                         Basketball Court       Paul  Uhls   South West Bleacher Sophomores Gilly             Sawyer DiLisio          Franklin Hurt            Eickhoff Patel           Spear Guy             Hoffman South West Bleacher Seniors Davis               Zook Kassen            Howard Clark               Pearison Trebel            Blackwell Manion North West Bleacher   Football Team       Door #8                   •    Co-Captains of fall sports sit in first row in front of Paul Uhls Gate Supervision:     Goddard, Owens   Ground Supervision:     Marine, Boswo

Senior Jeans


Powder Puff Update

The Powder Puff Game will be moved in to the South Gym tonight at 6 p.m. due to weather conditions. Enter through doors 4 and 8. The game will be a dodge ball tournament.

Homecoming Shirt Delay

  There has been a delay on getting the Homecoming shirts. Tri County didn’t get the order until last night. Shirts will be at MHS by the end of the day. There will be an announcement to tell students where they can pick up their shirts.

Homecoming High Five Contest

Freshmen- 120 Sophomores- 87 Juniors- 103 Seniors- 146 Teachers to high five are listed below Freshmen- Pearson Sophomores- Richart Juniors- Gobel Seniors- Skaggs

Spirit Day: Senior Rebels


Wednesday Spirit Day Winners

Photo Credit Amy Selby Bailey Pryor,  Marcus Camden

Senior Jeans on a Budget

Senior Jeans on a Budget by Michele Kidd and Morgan Lawson Senior jeans have been a tradition at Mooresville High School for as long as students can remember. Some girls spend their entire high school careers looking forward to wearing their very own Senior jeans, but when it gets down to making them, they’re underfunded for the project. The cost for making Senior jeans may seem surprisingly high, but following these simple steps could make Senior jeans a fun and affordable breeze. 1.        Go in with a friend. (It cuts cost in half and makes it more fun.) 2.        Bargain hunt. (Walmart has a good craft selection for a low price. Goodwill jeans might not be the fanciest but they get the job done.) 3.        Don’t wait until the last minute. 4.        Brainstorm. Some things that usually go on senior jeans are quotes, pictures, glitter, puffy paint, names, and friends’ signatures. According to Mrs. Sharon Eickhoff, “Senior jeans are a great tradition but I think

Editorial: Pioneer Exploration Period

Editorial: Pioneer Exploration Period by Whitney Smither     In addition to the renovations progressing through Mooresville High School, the students and faculty have been recently introduced to a “PEP period” or a Pioneer Exploration Period.    Scheduled in between third and fifth period, PEP period provides students with time to focus on their studies. Unlike elective study halls, PEP period also permits teachers to be available for any questions or concerns on tests, quizzes, or homework. Students can also be assigned to IPEP classes a few times a week to help benefit their learning in English and math.     The Pioneer Exploration Period not only helps a majority of the students with jobs or extracurricular activities after school to complete any necessary work, but it allows them the opportunity to still be a part of the community. On Monday’s, junior and senior students mentor freshman classmates, also numerous MHS clubs are held on Friday’s during PEP.    In addi