Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Editorial: Pioneer Exploration Period

Editorial: Pioneer Exploration Period
by Whitney Smither  
 In addition to the renovations progressing through Mooresville High School, the students and faculty have been recently introduced to a “PEP period” or a Pioneer Exploration Period.
   Scheduled in between third and fifth period, PEP period provides students with time to focus on their studies. Unlike elective study halls, PEP period also permits teachers to be available for any questions or concerns on tests, quizzes, or homework. Students can also be assigned to IPEP classes a few times a week to help benefit their learning in English and math.
    The Pioneer Exploration Period not only helps a majority of the students with jobs or extracurricular activities after school to complete any necessary work, but it allows them the opportunity to still be a part of the community. On Monday’s, junior and senior students mentor freshman classmates, also numerous MHS clubs are held on Friday’s during PEP.
   In addition to help in specific classes, when the Google Chrome laptops arrive, students will have access to Google Docs.
   The knowledge of PEP period left students and teachers anxious for the following year, however if taken the right steps, it has the chance to improve their learning through intervention and enrichment.
   Instead of taking PEP period as a time for socializing, check one’s grade, study for upcoming tests, and complete homework.
   Overall, PEP period allows students to relieve stress and enjoy their high school years even more than before. Mooresville has afforded students the opportunity to improve their learning, but one can only succeed if they choose to.