Jason Damron’s 9/11 Experience

Jason Damron’s 9/11 Experience
On September 11, 2001 23 year old Jason Damron was in the choir room.
            “I was in my first year of teaching, and it was an ISTEP testing week.  I was assigned to help guidance with a few things, but I had some time to go back to my room to do work after I finished.  I heard what was happening in New York, so I turned on the TV in my room to watch the news reports.  I can still vividly picture the scenarios as they were unfolding.  As I was watching them film the damage from the first plane that attacked, I saw the second plane hit the tower.  At first, I thought it was footage from before, but then I realized that part was live!  It was just unreal that an event this catastrophic was happening in our country.
Elaine Moebius was teaching with me at the time, and her daughter worked in Washington D.C.  Elaine had major difficulties trying to reach her daughter to see if she was okay, so it was certainly stressful.  It made the attack even more real than before.  I can remember how everything in our country came to a halt.  That evening, gas stations had lines and lines of people waiting, because radio stations and such were saying that gas prices were going to skyrocket the next day.  I don’t usually watch the news, but it was impossible not to at this time.  It really affected a lot of people, and it changed the way we do some things now.”

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