Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Challenged Accepted by Ashley Cox

The mannequin challenge is a very popular challenge, but why? The Pulse and Public Relations staff took on this challenge to see if it was worth the talk. Just like every other teen that is doing this challenge, the staff tried to do things silly and serious. If you want to do this challenge you need to stand still, and do something funny. Most people just sit and act like they are doing something productive. Just like this challenge there are a lot more. ALS ice bucket challenge, steal her man challenge, and the 22 push up challenge.

Quick And Easy 4 Step Process For Relationshipping by Peighton Noel

  Growing up and hearing stories about your mom’s ex boyfriends, dad’s ex girlfriends, and seeing all of your siblings’ relationships made you wonder what being in an older relationship is like. Now that you’re in high school, you realize that maybe it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nexus Takes Stage By Jenna Briere

Nexus is the newest addition the the choir department at Mooresville High School. The 2016 Wagon Trails was their first performance. This also means that it was their first year in the show. Read on to see some snippets of the new group!

Best Buddies Upcoming events by Lacey Watt

Photo from a Best Buddies Valentine's Day party.
  With the first semester, comes new beginnings. New classes, new teachers, and an opportunity to gain new friends.

Fashionable Fall Boots by Kitley DeFelice

From comfort to style to functional protection or expansive trendy applicability, these students tell why they admire the boots they’re wearing this Autumn season.

A World Away by Megan Copeland

It is a common knowledge that most people do not like change. Moving to a new home, and to a new school is often times extremely stressful. Imagine moving 8,760.1 miles away, to a brand new country, with nothing but a suitcase of home with them.