Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quick And Easy 4 Step Process For Relationshipping by Peighton Noel

  Growing up and hearing stories about your mom’s ex boyfriends, dad’s ex girlfriends, and seeing all of your siblings’ relationships made you wonder what being in an older relationship is like. Now that you’re in high school, you realize that maybe it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

  You may have noticed that relationships come easier to some people rather than others. For most of us, talking to our crush can be completely difficult. Especially in high school. For those of you who are a part of this struggle, here’s a four step process to help you work up the courage.
  Step one should be a period of time when you focus on yourself. Just kind of sit back and think about the best way to approach it. Think about your crush and their personality, but also think about you. How are you most comfortable approaching it?
  First things first. Be yourself. You probably hear this a lot, but that’s because it’s true.
  Take this time to really put together your thoughts and feelings. If you feel it’s necessary, stand in front the mirror and practice what you’re going to say to this person when you finally get the chance.
  Step two is where you should start small. Start talking to them more often and complimenting little things. Make sure that as you talk to them you really listen. It shows them that you care.
  Step three is when it starts getting tricky. Now that you guys have been talking more, subtly bring up the idea of hanging out. Propose going bowling or to a movie. Ask to do something simple like go to the mall or go to an animal shelter. The way people treat animals is a good reflection on what kind of person they are.
  “If they can’t even pay attention to their dog, they probably won’t pay attention to you,” Phipps said.
  Sophomores Karson Goodman and Lauren Farb have been together for two years.
  “On our first date we went to Noodles and Company,” Goodman said.
  Step four is the time when you gain some confidence and tell them you like them. Don’t be afraid of what people think and just do you.
  Before you just jump into this, know that things like this do take time.
  With relationships come sacrifice and a lot of effort. Though tough, relationships still have a lot of positives. They can bring happiness and the cute little butterfly feeling in your stomach when the person you like looks at you in a certain way.
  Another thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t base your happiness on someone else. Your self worth is so much more than you think.