Tuesday, March 12, 2019

To Vote or Not To Vote by Kaitlyn Barber

  Whether a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, nearly every student will have the opportunity to vote at least once in their lives. The question on many young people’s minds is, is voting worth it? The answer varies.
  Voting has been around since the early 1700s, dating back even further than that, and have since evolved. When the concept was first introduced the U.S.A, only white, property-owning men were the only people that could influence the government through their votes. Since then, the idea has advanced and now every person, regardless of race, gender, color, or religion can vote if they are at least eighteen years old.
  There are many pros to voting, for example, voting gives the younger generation a voice in society. It allows them stand up and influence decisions that could potentially impact their future. The younger generation accounts for nearly half of the population, according to www.borgenproject.org, which makes for an important political force.
  “Do your homework. Local newspapers have Q & A’s with candidates. Vote informed. Don’t just go off a name or political party.” English instructor Mr. Marine said.
  There are cons to this argument, as there is for most. Many people in today’s generation don’t even know how to go about voting. During the 2016 presidential election, only 19 percent of people who voted were between the ages of 18-29 years old, which means the remaining 81 percent of voters were 49-64 years old.
  “Vote if you want but it’s your choice.” senior Ethan Gardner said.
  Many people in the younger generation aren’t aware of the voting process or how it works. As mentioned in the paragraph above, a small amount of these young potential voters actually went out to vote.
  “[I would like to know] a list of places you could go to vote.” senior Taylor Bolarr said.
  In addition to the cons list, many people refuse to vote because they don’t believe it does anything to really influence the government. In the grand scheme of things, it does matter. Each vote counts, though it may seem false. Every individual vote contributes to the popular vote and your state’s electoral vote, which could make all of the difference in an election.

  Should everyone take advantage of their right to vote or should they not? There is no one answer. There are good and bad things about both sides to the argument.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Is Youtube More Popular Than Cable TV? by Bre Brown

Over the past few years, Youtube has blown up and became more popular than it ever was.
   People started posting on Youtube and have gotten famous and popular. A lot of people talk about different Youtubers and how much they like them.
   They all post different content and get a lot of views. Approximately 1,300,000,000 people watch Youtube everyday. There is a lot of different content on Youtube from DIY crafts to music videos to conspiracy theories.
  “I think Youtube is better than cable because of all the choices.” said junior Dakota Milum.
  Youtube was first launched in February 2005. It wasn’t near as popular then as it is now. A lot of people have started Youtube since then and they post a ton of good content.
   8 out of 10 people between the ages 18 - 49 watch Youtube. 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute so there is a ton of content everyone can watch.
  “Youtube is better than cable because it’s more comedy or entertainment.” said junior Tim Miller.
  Youtube will soon surpass TV as the most watched format in the U.S. On average, people watch 1.25 billion hours of TV everyday. People watch one billion hours of Youtube everyday, almost beating cable TV.

They Shall Not Grow Old - Review Column By Avery Meyer

  They Shall Not Grow Old is a film directed by Peter Jackson and produced by Peter Jackson and Clare Olssen. In this film documentary Peter Jackson takes footage from the first World War and refines it for our viewing. Much of this footage is unseen straight from the Imperial War Museum.
  They Shall Not Grow Old is a masterpiece not only in its technical wonder, but also by its superb storytelling. The filmmakers take a seemingly impossible task of reviving footage from one hundred years ago and updating it for a modern audience. This movie does a fantastic job of showing the plight of the average British soldier during the great war.
   It also shows the course of the war and the brutality and overall futility of it. The level of care the technical team of this film took to recolor and texture the old war footage is phenomenal. I can think of other media that took footage from the past and refined it, but not in this way, and certainly not in this fashion for an entire movie.
  Stereo-D Stables is responsible for the editing in this film and is based out of New Zealand. This same team has done some of the technical work for game of thrones, lord of the rings, and Avatar. The team were able to accomplish most of their feats by taking a modicum of world war one memorabilia and paraphernalia that would then be cross referenced with real historical footage.
  The crew reviewed over 600 hours of interviews from 200 veterans recorded in the 60’s and 100 hours of original film footage to make the film. Jackson even went to Belgium to make sure he got the right shade of grass for the film. It covers everything that a British soldier during the first world war would have went through, from their breakfast to their daily routines.
  This film was going to receive a limited release which means that you have a limited time to see it, however since the film has done so well in theatres, the film has seen a full release. The film has also sat at an impressive 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.If you are at all interested in this period of time, this movie serves as a must see.

Harvey: The Spring Play by Joshua Hansel

  Set November first, 1944 in New York City “Harvey” will be performed for the Mooresville High School 2019 Spring Play. The scene’s are in a mansion, and the reception area of a sanitarium.
  The lead roles of Elwood P. Dowd, and Veta were given to seniors Alexander LaPlante, and Saylor Dickerson. Elwood and Veta are siblings, Veta thinks her dear brother is mentally insane because he sees a giant rabbit. The two clash quite often throughout the play.
  “I like Elwood because he is so gosh-diddly-darn pleasant. It is so nice to portray such a nice person,” senior Alex LaPlante said.
  The play opens with Myrtle, senior Hayli Keith, answering the phone, she is standing in the library of the old Dowd family mansion. Books everywhere and some tasteful, but not too tasteful furniture about to give the look of an old mansion. Myrtle is on the phone answering a call because her mother, Veta, is hosting an event, which is held offstage, she then called out to her mother telling her that she needs to answer the phone.
  “I like that Veta cares so much about others, and she tries to do what is best for everyone,” senior Saylor Dickerson said.
  The play then leads to Veta trying to get her brother Elwood locked in the sanitarium, but then end up getting herself locked up for a short amount of time. Only to get out and want to file a lawsuit against the sanitarium, and Dr. William R. Chumley, played by senior Jalen Schuck.
  “The audience should expect to be entertained with laughter and leave the performance feeling all warm and fuzzy. They will have a new look on life that is refreshing and give a sense of hope for humanity,” Director Melanie Kassen said.
 Throughout the play the cast, especially those who hadn’t done the play before learned how it all worked. Such as doing mic checks, blocking (movement on stage), characterization, and all in all learning how to tolerate and e around people you typically wouldn’t hang around.
  The plays will be March seventh and eighth. At six o’clock you can begin buying tickets, but the doors don’t open until 6:40 p.m. the show begins at seven o’clock. The show cost five dollars for anyone above the age of five, and tickets are sold in the booth.


Meet the Athlete: Robbie Gentry by Kimmy Turley

  Junior Robbie Gentry is a varsity wrestler for the Mooresville Pioneers. Gentry has been wrestling since 7th grade, and playing football since 5th grade.
  During his 2018-2019 season, Gentry won the sectional title for his weight class and advanced to semi-state.
  “Working hard in the offseason allowed me to have many great achievements during my season,” Gentry said.

  His biggest motivation when wrestling his team, coaches, and family because he knows they are counting on him.

Meet the Athlete: Lauren Farb by Kimmy Turley

Senior Lauren Farb is a varsity starter for the Mooresville Pioneers Girls Basketball team. Farb has been playing basketball for four years and has ran cross country for one.
   This year, Farb and the Lady Pioneers won the Sectional Championship for the first time in five years. Farb also lead her team in three pointers and steals through out this season.
   “I love my teammates, they are my best friends,” Farb said.
   Her biggest motivation when playing is her teammates and she enjoys the competitions and team bonding moments.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Concert Experience At Mooresville by Avery Hoffman

  Students and teachers alike frequent concert venues to see their favorite artists live in person.
  In the winter time, many students find live music to be a fun way to kill time and go out with friends. As musicians put Indianapolis on their tour date list, students at Mooresville purchase the tickets.
  Senior Blake Mayo recently attended famous modern rap star Travis Scotts’ ASTROWORLD tour as it passed through Indiana on February 20th. Blake spent the days prior to the show listening to Travis Scott’s discography and hyping up the show with friends in school.
  Blake spoke fondly of the show the next day.
  “The mosh pit was crazy, we met a lot of friendly people in the crowd and shared an awesome experience.” Mayo said.
  Blake noted his personal highlights of the show including the money cannons, and an incident where Travis Scott stopped the concert to speak out against harassment of a young fan he saw in the audience.
  Ms. Vaughan of the math department of MHS reflected on her most memorable concerts from grade school. Two years ago, she saw Hall and Oates in Detroit, Michigan.
  “I saw them when I was in seventh grade, and then I saw them again two years ago,” Vaughan said.
  The music of Ms. Vaughan’s childhood is still music she enjoys listening to today.

  Many students intend on concert going this spring as the weather begins to warm up. Be sure to check concert listings near you for a wonderful night out seeing the music you love live in concert.

Spring Break Destinations By Noah Justus

  Spring break. A time of pure euphoria and relaxation. A time of cool rains and sleeping till ten in the morning.
  High Schoolers across the country use this time off to decompress. Everyone relaxes in a different way though. Some people enjoy their time outside in the comfort of the hot Florida sun. Some people prefer to just stay inside in the comfort of their own home.
  “Spring break is probably one my favorite breaks from school. There’s kind of an urgency to get out and do something with your time.”, senior Camille Gonzalez said.
  MHS is full of all kinds of different characters which means all kinds of places are about to be visited. It all depends on preference.
  “Getting out of the cold and into some warm weather is one of the most relieving parts of my entire year.”, junior Madison Smither said.
According to recent surveys done by The Pulse staff, the most common vacationing spot for students is relaxing under the sun in a tropical climate.

  While catching up with friends at home is nice and exploring the spectacles of a winter wonderland is cool, statistics show that nothing beats soaking up some sun and enjoying some warm weather according to mooresville students.