Thursday, March 7, 2019

Harvey: The Spring Play by Joshua Hansel

  Set November first, 1944 in New York City “Harvey” will be performed for the Mooresville High School 2019 Spring Play. The scene’s are in a mansion, and the reception area of a sanitarium.
  The lead roles of Elwood P. Dowd, and Veta were given to seniors Alexander LaPlante, and Saylor Dickerson. Elwood and Veta are siblings, Veta thinks her dear brother is mentally insane because he sees a giant rabbit. The two clash quite often throughout the play.
  “I like Elwood because he is so gosh-diddly-darn pleasant. It is so nice to portray such a nice person,” senior Alex LaPlante said.
  The play opens with Myrtle, senior Hayli Keith, answering the phone, she is standing in the library of the old Dowd family mansion. Books everywhere and some tasteful, but not too tasteful furniture about to give the look of an old mansion. Myrtle is on the phone answering a call because her mother, Veta, is hosting an event, which is held offstage, she then called out to her mother telling her that she needs to answer the phone.
  “I like that Veta cares so much about others, and she tries to do what is best for everyone,” senior Saylor Dickerson said.
  The play then leads to Veta trying to get her brother Elwood locked in the sanitarium, but then end up getting herself locked up for a short amount of time. Only to get out and want to file a lawsuit against the sanitarium, and Dr. William R. Chumley, played by senior Jalen Schuck.
  “The audience should expect to be entertained with laughter and leave the performance feeling all warm and fuzzy. They will have a new look on life that is refreshing and give a sense of hope for humanity,” Director Melanie Kassen said.
 Throughout the play the cast, especially those who hadn’t done the play before learned how it all worked. Such as doing mic checks, blocking (movement on stage), characterization, and all in all learning how to tolerate and e around people you typically wouldn’t hang around.
  The plays will be March seventh and eighth. At six o’clock you can begin buying tickets, but the doors don’t open until 6:40 p.m. the show begins at seven o’clock. The show cost five dollars for anyone above the age of five, and tickets are sold in the booth.