Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Concert Experience At Mooresville by Avery Hoffman

  Students and teachers alike frequent concert venues to see their favorite artists live in person.
  In the winter time, many students find live music to be a fun way to kill time and go out with friends. As musicians put Indianapolis on their tour date list, students at Mooresville purchase the tickets.
  Senior Blake Mayo recently attended famous modern rap star Travis Scotts’ ASTROWORLD tour as it passed through Indiana on February 20th. Blake spent the days prior to the show listening to Travis Scott’s discography and hyping up the show with friends in school.
  Blake spoke fondly of the show the next day.
  “The mosh pit was crazy, we met a lot of friendly people in the crowd and shared an awesome experience.” Mayo said.
  Blake noted his personal highlights of the show including the money cannons, and an incident where Travis Scott stopped the concert to speak out against harassment of a young fan he saw in the audience.
  Ms. Vaughan of the math department of MHS reflected on her most memorable concerts from grade school. Two years ago, she saw Hall and Oates in Detroit, Michigan.
  “I saw them when I was in seventh grade, and then I saw them again two years ago,” Vaughan said.
  The music of Ms. Vaughan’s childhood is still music she enjoys listening to today.

  Many students intend on concert going this spring as the weather begins to warm up. Be sure to check concert listings near you for a wonderful night out seeing the music you love live in concert.