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Teacher Profiles: Kelly Blackwell & Allyson Avery by Ty Stonehouse

Teacher Profiles: Kelly Blackwell & Allyson Avery

        Mooresville High School has a whole handful of wonderful teachers. Teachers from everywhere come to teach at the school and give their students a wonderful experience throughout their high school career. Mooresville High School offers courses from Printmaking taught by Allyson Avery, all the way to their finest math classes like AP Pre-Calculus taught by Kelly Blackwell. 

Printmaking, a fine art class that is brand new to Mooresville High School has been a class that students have a tendency to love and enjoy. Especially with their teacher Mrs. Allyson Avery. Mrs. Avery has been teaching since 2003 with this being the first year of the class Mrs. Avery has been very eager and happy while teaching the class. 

“My favorite class this year was printmaking. It was the first year I have ever taught it and it was new to Mooresville and the administration purchased a new and professional printing press,” Avery said. 

The class overall has brought many students passion about the class, and helped them create a relationship with their teacher, Mrs. Avery. 

Brayliegh White, a Freshman at Mooresville High School, had many positive things to say about the class. 

“Mrs. Avery was super sweet and amazing; she also played the best music. I would recommend the class to anyone,” White said. 

Another course that’s offered by Mooresville High School is Pre-Calculus. Pre-Cal is taught by Kelly Blackwell and she sincerely enjoys teaching the class. In Pre-Cal students are prepared for some of the college classes that they take after they graduate high school. Many diplomas in college require at least an exposure of Calculus, and when a student learns the general idea of Pre-Cal they will be more prepared for their future in college. 

“I love to be able to teach both the aspects of those who have failed Algebra I and helping them progress forward, and at the same time the rigger of Honors, and AP Pre-Calculus,” Blackwell said. 

Mooresville High School has many more wonderful classes to offer to those who are willing to put forward the extra effort. Among those wonderful classes are even better teachers who are eager to help their students progress into the real world.

Photo by Ty Stonehouse

Photo by Ty Stonehouse