Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Broadcast Elective by Olivia Denny

                            Broadcast Elective

    Mooresville high school has a large broadcasting program, taught by Professor Andrew Marine. The broadcast team does “Moore News” live streamed every class day in 5th period. Broadcast is very involved in school activities. Students go to games and film, and then edit those videos. Recently they made short videos about every pathway elective. 

    “Upton asked us to make videos about pathways so that students can go watch the informational videos before they take a course. These videos help students make informed decisions about their pathways,” Junior Austin Marine said. 

    Student press takes pride in getting the facts and helping students at MHS in any way they can. The main goal of broadcast is creating content for radio and television. Students acquire knowledge of the high-tech and innovative components of producing broadcast projects. As time goes on, the world turns more digital, and the art of broadcast has kept the importance of good journalism alive and strengthened communication. 

    “We do basic videos, like creating videos of our own choice that is 100% our vision, this includes music videos and short films. We do these all by ourselves from the story line to the script to the directing and casting the whole thing,” Sophomore Shalom Adetula said. 

    This course lets students embrace their own creativity in their very own unique ways, it keeps students involved and interested in their pathway. It’s a way to embrace their own personal style in so many ways.