Thursday, September 22, 2022

Twin Day and Friday's Schedule

            Twin Day and Friday's Schedule

    Today’s theme was Twin Day. Tomorrow’s theme is going to be blue and gold day, make sure to show up and show out with Mooresville pride. Tomorrow’s schedule is going to be a little bit different. Below is the schedule for tomorrow.

Photo Submitted by Beth Coon

Photo Submitted by Lainie Woodward

Photo Submitted by Lilly Deverick

Photo Submitted by Suzanna Paul

Photo Submitted by Lainie Woodward

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mathlete vs. Athlete in Class Colors - Suzanna Paul

          Mathlete vs. Athlete in Class Colors

    Today's theme was mostly to support the Powder Puff game and to show pride in each student's class. As a reminder, tomorrow's theme is going to be Twin Day.

Photo Submitted by Suzanna Paul

Photo by Lainie Woodward

Photo by Suzanna Paul

Photo by Suzanna Paul

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

White Lies - Suzanna Paul

                              White Lies

    Today's theme was white lies, and the different shirts that everyone came to school with were vastly different. Tomorrow is going to be another interesting theme, with mathlete vs. athlete in class colors. Seniors are light purple, Juniors are light blue, Sophomores are hot pink and lastly Freshmen are turquoise.
Photo by Lainie Woodward

Photo by Lainie Woodward

Photo by Lainie Woodward

Photo by Suzanna Paul

Monday, September 19, 2022

Tacky Tourist Day - Suzanna Paul

                     Tacky Tourist Day

    Today's theme was Tacky Tourist. These groups of students wanted to come up and show off their themed outfits. Tomorrow is going to be White Lies, so come out in a school-appropriate white lie shirt.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Game Day Preview, Mooresville vs. Franklin Community - Kayden Fisher

Game Day Preview, Mooresville vs. Franklin Community

20th ranked Mooresville High School is excited for their Homecoming football game against 28th ranked Franklin Community High School. “We’ve been working hard, Franklin’s a good school so it’ll be a tough fight but we’ve been looking good and not planning on giving up on this win streak,”Head Coach Gillin said.

    For the Franklin lineup, Max Clark is the starting quarterback, John Shepard is the starting running back. Zachary Reese is the starting free safety, and Gabriel Delgado is the starting defensive end. Max Clark has 111.0 receiving yards per game, John Shepard has 50.8 rushing yards per game, Zachary Reese has 7.7 tackles per game, and Gabriel Delgado has 2.5 sacks per game. As of September 15, 2022, Franklin has 3 wins and 1 loss, with a 75% win rate and 2 home victories, 1 away victory, and 1 away loss. 

    For Mooresville’s lineup, Nick Patterson is the starting quarterback, with Levi Dorn as another quarterback but mainly the starting free safety, Kellen Copeland as our Middle Linebacker, Gabe Mccormick as our guard, and Hogan Denny as our running back. So far this seems to be a pretty tight game with a good fight ahead of us. Nick Patterson has 82.8 rushing yards per game, Levi Dorn has 82.5 receiving yards per game, Nick Patterson has 7 total touchdown passes, Kellen Coplenad has 13.8 tackles per game, Gabe Mccormick has 2.5 sacks a game, and Hogan Denny has 3 total interceptions.

As of September 15, 2022, Mooresville has 3 home wins and 1 away win to make a total of a 4-game win streak with 0 losses and a 100% win percentage. 

    So from what can be inferred so far, this seems to be a pretty fair matchup without a clear winner on top, but both teams have a great chance of winning. 

Photo by Kayden Fisher

Homecoming Dance and Parade - Olivia Denny

            Homecoming Dance and Parade 

    Homecoming is a semi-formal dance on September 24, the day after the Homecoming football game. This is the only dance that every grade level is able to attend. The theme this year is Tropical/ Hawaiian. The Student Council, sponsored by Tamara Mills, selected themes and organized the event. Tickets for the dance were sold before school in front of the VLC, and in the cafeteria during lunch. Tickets were $10 and were available from 9-6 to 9-16.

The annual Homecoming parade goes through hour different streets in Mooresville, beginning at the high school. Main roads are blocked off, ensuring the safety of students. “ So we will have four floats, one for each class and the theme is pioneer paradise and each class's interpretation of it. All of the elementary school student councils are marching and various other clubs like drama club will also march” Mills said. Parade floats are constructed by the Student Council, there is a float representing the theme of the game. There’s  a float for every class (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior), a cheerleading float and lastly the Homecoming winners of each grade.

File Photo by Rose Freeman

Spirit Week Days - Suzanna Paul

                         Spirit Week Days 

Homecoming is just around the corner! There are so many exciting things that make the whole Homecoming week so special. One of the most important factors of making Homecoming so special is the spirit days. This year the themes are way different than past years. Everyday is a completely different theme to get dressed up for.

Monday: Tacky Tourist

The first theme of the Homecoming week  is tacky tourists. For this theme the student body will dress as a tourist with bright colors and fun patterns. The Vice President of the Student Council is Holly Conner, she worked hand and hand with creating and voting for the themes.

“Monday is tacky tourist day so imagine the parents that always embarrass you on trips, that’s what we're thinking,” Conner said.

Tuesday: White Lies

The second theme on Tuesday is going to be white lies. For this students wear a white shirt that has a harmless lie on it. For example “today is Monday,” is a lie that doesn’t hurt anyone and is light hearted.

Wednesday: Mathlete vs. Athlete

Wednesday’s theme is going to be an interesting one. This one is Mathlete vs. Athlete. Anyone in any grade can choose between dressing as an athlete or a mathlete in their class colors. Freshmen’s class color is turquoise, and the Sophomore’s class color is hot pink. Junior's class color is light blue and lastly the Senior’s class color is light purple.

“You dress like either a mathlete or an athlete in your class color. This is more to support Powder Puff,” Conner said.

Thursday: Twin Day

Ever wanted to twin with someone? Well Thursday is the day to do it. The theme is Twin Day, so find someone and look as close to them as possible.

Friday: Blue and Gold

Finally the day of the game comes around and it’s time for the iconic blue and gold day theme. This day students will come out in all of their blue and gold Mooresville attire.

“‘Mooresville has great school spirit and I hope to see it in the halls on Friday,” Conner said.

File Photo by Abigail McClelland

Powder Puff - Gracie Holcomb

                            Powder Puff 

Powder Puff is a long standing tradition that Mooresville High School has been participating in for years. Powder Puff is a short game of flag football for girls. The way the teams play is sophomores go against seniors and freshmen go against juniors. Once  the final teams are determined, each team’s winners will go against each other to get the final winner. The game is taking place Wednesday, September 21, at the Mooresville football field. “I have been here since 1997 and it has been going on for way longer than that, it is a long standing tradition,” said Mills, the student council sponsor. 

The rules for Powder Puff are that the athlete’s have to be in good standing defined by the student handbook. The students who sign up will need to pay $20 to pay for a Powder Puff T-shirt and having refs at the game. Students who are a part of Powder Puff have to show up to at least one out of the two practices to remain qualified to be a part of the game.  There aren’t any leaders for the girls, although the staff are class sponsors for the teams and are ultimately responsible for what happens with the team. Powder Puff is part of the Homecoming festivities, “ A lot of fun for the girls involved,” Mills said.

Powder Puff has changed over the years and has evolved and has become one of the fun festivities for students. As far as Mooresville can tell this will continue to be a long standing tradition that will continue to carry on at MHS. 

File Photo by Holly Connor

Friday, September 9, 2022

Lainie Woodward's Cross Country Photo Story

Lainie Woodward's Cross Country Photo Story

Photo by Lainie Woodward

    Junior Lyndsay Boswell and Senior Ariel Theriac work to pass an opponent. Theriac represented herself when she ran. “I enjoy the team bonding moments we have, so the games we play from time to time and the pasta parties,” Theriac said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward

    The Plainfield Relay starts and the girls team takes off. Junior Sydney Hardy ran to help her succeed. “When running, I feel accomplished and better about myself,” Hardy said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward

    Junior Tyler Gercak turns the corner during a race. Gercak prepared for races the night before and thought about how he wanted his race to go. “The best part of cross country is the atmosphere of the meets and the people around you,” Gercak said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward
    A sprayed white line keeps the runners on the trail. Junior Lyndsay Boswell was motivated by her coaches. “I love the team atmosphere and the coaching is great,” Boswell said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward

The cone shows the runners where to stay within. Senior Cora Walker reminded herself of her goals to keep her motivated. “It's amazing to get in a tiring run or workout and feel all the emotions of the day just melt away,” Walker said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward

    Senior Nate Burns runs to take on first place in his lap. Burns knew that he could always go faster in a race. "There is always someone out there faster than me, so there is always someone to chase,” Burns said.

Photo by Lainie Woodward


    Senior Nate Burns and junior Tyler Gercak show off their win. Burns had won a race before, but the Plainfield Relay was different because he won with his best friend. “Throughout the race we weren’t really in a good position, but we really caught up in the closing lap,” Burns said.

    GoFundMe Established for Injured Student

        GoFundMe Established for Injured Student 

         A Mooresville High School student tragically got hit by an alleged drunk driver earlier this week. She was crossing the street once the bus got to her stop, and the alleged drunk driver hit her. Her family member has set up a GoFundMe to show support and help pay for the bills. 

    Click The Below Link to Support Our Fellow Pioneer

    Monday, September 5, 2022

    Football Photo Story - Rose Freeman

                             Football Photo Story

    Photo by Rose Freeman

     Senior Captain Chase Price ran onto the field alongside other Senior Captains, ready to defeat Danville. Price worked hard to earn his captain role, he spent time bringing the team together, and his goal is to inspire the underclassmen to keep pushing to do their best. “Running through the field, I’m thinking ‘I have my brothers next to me and they have my back no matter what’” Price said.

    Photo by Rose Freeman
          A timeout was called during the second quarter, the score is 21 - 10. Coach Eason huddles up with the kids getting ready to go on the field. Eason is an offense coach, and he works with the offense players to help them find new areas of specialties they may have.

    Photo by Rose Freeman
         Junior Ayden Gracie sat on the sidelines after making a tackle during the third quarter. Gracie had transferred from Decatur to Mooresville for a better athletic school. "I'm watching the field for whatever my next move may be, I need to figure out how I can help my teammates," Gracie said.

    Photo by Rose Freeman
          In the middle of the 2nd quarter, pioneers are playing defense trying to score a kick. Kenny Curry was successful at making the kick and the pioneers were up by 11 points.

    Photo by Rose Freeman

        Junior Nathan Webster looks onto the field waiting for his moment to come. Webster is on the Varsity and JV team; he took kicking classes over the summer to the best of his abilities. "After the kickoff happened, I was hyping my teammates up, making sure they knew we were all rooting for them," Webster said.

    Photo by Rose Freeman

        Senior Kellen Copeland took down the opposing player to get the ball back for the pioneers. Copeland has been getting back into the gym to gain his muscles back to be able to take anyone down. "My first thought was I needed to get the ball back, what a better way to do it than to take down their star runner," Copeland said.

    Photo by Rose Freeman
        Junior Hogan Denny makes a touchdown, and signals a prayer to God, thanking him for the run he was able to make. Denny worked with both of the speed coaches so work out different and new strategies. "God is my primary source of motivation, every time something good happens I make sure to thank him," Denny said.

    Warren Stultz Profile - Suzanna Paul and Olivia Denny

             Warren Stultz's Experience At MHS 

    Warren Stultz is a new student at Mooresville Highschool, so far, he said he’s feeling incredibly included in his new environment. His past school experience was way worse. He said the change was drastic. Moving to Mooresville gave Stultz the opportunity to reconnect with old elementary school friends and make brand new friendships. 

    “I like the people I’m around. I get along with new people and make new conversations with people I never expected to talk to.” Stultz said. He said he absolutely loves the school spirit and support that Mooresville has of each other. He’s very glad he moved and got the opportunity of a bigger high school, with tons of opportunities. Stultz believes that Mooresville is a great place to be at. The teachers have been amazing to him, and the students overall are kind. 

    “I’ve enjoyed being here so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” Stultz said. He has hope that this year will get better and be one of the best so far. 

    Photo by Olivia Denny