Friday, September 16, 2022

Powder Puff - Gracie Holcomb

                            Powder Puff 

Powder Puff is a long standing tradition that Mooresville High School has been participating in for years. Powder Puff is a short game of flag football for girls. The way the teams play is sophomores go against seniors and freshmen go against juniors. Once  the final teams are determined, each team’s winners will go against each other to get the final winner. The game is taking place Wednesday, September 21, at the Mooresville football field. “I have been here since 1997 and it has been going on for way longer than that, it is a long standing tradition,” said Mills, the student council sponsor. 

The rules for Powder Puff are that the athlete’s have to be in good standing defined by the student handbook. The students who sign up will need to pay $20 to pay for a Powder Puff T-shirt and having refs at the game. Students who are a part of Powder Puff have to show up to at least one out of the two practices to remain qualified to be a part of the game.  There aren’t any leaders for the girls, although the staff are class sponsors for the teams and are ultimately responsible for what happens with the team. Powder Puff is part of the Homecoming festivities, “ A lot of fun for the girls involved,” Mills said.

Powder Puff has changed over the years and has evolved and has become one of the fun festivities for students. As far as Mooresville can tell this will continue to be a long standing tradition that will continue to carry on at MHS. 

File Photo by Holly Connor