Monday, September 5, 2022

Warren Stultz Profile - Suzanna Paul and Olivia Denny

         Warren Stultz's Experience At MHS 

Warren Stultz is a new student at Mooresville Highschool, so far, he said he’s feeling incredibly included in his new environment. His past school experience was way worse. He said the change was drastic. Moving to Mooresville gave Stultz the opportunity to reconnect with old elementary school friends and make brand new friendships. 

“I like the people I’m around. I get along with new people and make new conversations with people I never expected to talk to.” Stultz said. He said he absolutely loves the school spirit and support that Mooresville has of each other. He’s very glad he moved and got the opportunity of a bigger high school, with tons of opportunities. Stultz believes that Mooresville is a great place to be at. The teachers have been amazing to him, and the students overall are kind. 

“I’ve enjoyed being here so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” Stultz said. He has hope that this year will get better and be one of the best so far. 

Photo by Olivia Denny