Monday, December 12, 2022

MHS Q2 Exam Schedule

                MHS Q2 Exam Schedule

             This year’s first semester exams start this Friday. Preparing is a necessity and is one of the most important factors to keeping a good grade or improving a previous one. There are three different days for the exams. Here’s the exam schedule. Good luck!

Monday, December 5, 2022

"Munker" Allen Profile - Kade FIsher

                Profile: “Munker” Allen     

    Many students at this school have charismatic personalities, but one of the most is Zacheriah “Munker” Allen. Zacheriah Hamilton Allen is Munker’s full name. Allen’s name is Zach but his nickname that everyone calls him and what he prefers to be called by is Munker. Munker’s nickname apparently came from baseball, but nobody knows the true meaning of his nickname. 

Going to the batting cage is one of Munker's favorite pastimes. Munker is a member of the MHS baseball team and loves to play baseball for leagues outside of school. 

“Bad, but I’m going to try my best and put in a lot of effort,” Munker said when asked about how he thinks his baseball performance will be this year. 

“I play 2K, my favorite color is blue, and I used to be really obsessed with John Deere.” Munker said when we told him to describe himself. Munker is very dedicated to playing Madden, some say that he could earn a scholarship to college for playing 2K professionally. 

“They would probably say that I’m annoying and enthusiastic,” said Munker when asked how his friends would describe him. Munker is a very enthusiastic person, he always brings a lot of energy whenever he’s in a class or just talking with his friends. Not only being a very social person, but he also excels in honors and AP classes. Allen also told us he dreams of working a 9-5 being an accountant 10 years from now.

Hopefully, this story could tell how much Munker is athletic, smart, and energetic. Students like these are what make MHS so great and a fun place to be at. There are many more students like this, but there are too many for just one story. Hopefully telling about this student can describe some of the students that go here and how lucky it is to have Munker at school. 

Photo by Olivia Denny

The Santa Clause Reboot - Gracie Holcomb


The Santa Clause Reboot

The cold weather has set in, it's that time of year. Most are ready for winter which means Christmas is right around the corner. People start putting up stockings, decorating, drinking hot chocolate, eating all the Christmas treats that everyone loves, and watching all of the most popular holiday movies. 

This year multiple holiday movies and tv shows were released, the most recent one that was released was The Santa Clauses. The original The Santa Clause came out in 1994 starring Tim Allen and has made millions since being released. The reboot was released on November 16, 2022, as a Disney+ series.

The Santa Clauses starts off the same as anyone would expect. It is Christmas Eve and Santa is making his rounds for the year giving gifts to all the children of the world. On Christmas Eve he realizes that his magic is running low but blows it off as a fluke. Over time he starts to realize that he cannot be Santa Clause forever.

Is this the first time that The Santa Clause franchise has released a movie and or Tv since you have been alive. This is your chance to watch it! The Santa Clauses is out on Disney+ now and is rated for all ages!

This TV show is more for the younger audience. This shows humor is aimed towards younger children that would watch this movie. Once little kids start watching this movie, kids will definitely be a new favorite. Even if this series is not aimed towards the older audiences, go watch it and form an opinion on it.


The Santa Clauses (TV Mini Series 2022) - IMDb

Best Activities in Snow - Suzanna Paul

                               Best Activities in Snow

    It’s that time of year again, hot chocolate by the fire, sledding down steep hills and all-around cheerful spirits. Many different temperatures call for different activities. 

    When there are icy temperatures, it calls for one of the most exhilarating activities that is ice skating. There are many different types of places someone could go to for a good time skating. Two places near Mooresville are Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion and Carmel Ice Skadium.      

    Another major popular thing to do would be making ice snow cones. There are many recipes for making this special snow, but the most important ingredient is of course snow. There are many different recipes that can be found online.

The main snow activities for actually being outside are building snowmen, making snow angels and creating igloos. On top of that, a very popular activity is sledding down steep hills. Aaron Taylor is a Sophomore at Mooresville High School. He likes the season fall the most, but winter is a close second.

“My favorite activity during winter is to make snow forts.” Taylor said.

Lastly is the warm hot chocolate to come home to after a long and frigid winter’s day. Nothing is better than calming down with a warm cup of hot chocolate and relaxing by the fire. Or drinking hot chocolate lounged on the couch watching a Christmas movie.

Lillian Deverick is a Sophomore at Mooresville High School. She’s on the swim team and that tends to take up most of her time. 

“I really like going home from practice and drinking hot chocolate. It’s very relaxing and calms me down for the rest of the night,” Deverick said.

Christmas Decorations and Traditions - Olivia Denny

                         Christmas Decorations and Traditions

As the seasons start transitioning from fall to winter and Thanksgiving now officially coming to a close, the big question arises. Which families have decorated for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday they celebrate? Many households decorate their homes the second there is a cold burst of wind, but others decide to wait until Thanksgiving is over, or until December. No matter when families decide to decorate, there are still traditions and holiday spirits they hold near and dear to their hearts. Here are some MHS Students' families take on this.

We start decorating before Thanksgiving because we want to get it over with before it gets too cold. Setting up the Christmas tree is my favorite Christmas decoration. A Christmas tradition that I cherish is a pickle ornament that is hidden around the house at Christmas and the person who finds it gets $20,” Cordle said. 

“We start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving because we don’t feel like it until December. If it were in my power, I would start near the middle of November or beginning. The lights are my favorite kind of decoration and something I look forward to every year is making my baked mac and cheese because it's good,” McCoy said.

  Photo by Suzanna Paul