Monday, December 5, 2022

Best Activities in Snow - Suzanna Paul

                               Best Activities in Snow

    It’s that time of year again, hot chocolate by the fire, sledding down steep hills and all-around cheerful spirits. Many different temperatures call for different activities. 

    When there are icy temperatures, it calls for one of the most exhilarating activities that is ice skating. There are many different types of places someone could go to for a good time skating. Two places near Mooresville are Pop Weaver Youth Pavilion and Carmel Ice Skadium.      

    Another major popular thing to do would be making ice snow cones. There are many recipes for making this special snow, but the most important ingredient is of course snow. There are many different recipes that can be found online.

The main snow activities for actually being outside are building snowmen, making snow angels and creating igloos. On top of that, a very popular activity is sledding down steep hills. Aaron Taylor is a Sophomore at Mooresville High School. He likes the season fall the most, but winter is a close second.

“My favorite activity during winter is to make snow forts.” Taylor said.

Lastly is the warm hot chocolate to come home to after a long and frigid winter’s day. Nothing is better than calming down with a warm cup of hot chocolate and relaxing by the fire. Or drinking hot chocolate lounged on the couch watching a Christmas movie.

Lillian Deverick is a Sophomore at Mooresville High School. She’s on the swim team and that tends to take up most of her time. 

“I really like going home from practice and drinking hot chocolate. It’s very relaxing and calms me down for the rest of the night,” Deverick said.