Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Theriac Sisters Clear the Record Board by Suzanna Paul

              Theriac Sisters Clear the Record Board

Lylah Theriac is a swimmer at Mooresville High School. There were many different types of predictions for the season including her making it to state, breaking tons of records, and all around growing further as a swimmer. 

Lylah cleared many different records off the board. In the 100 Buttefly, which is the stroke she went to state for, she got 56:71 seconds. This is 8.9 seconds faster than the previous record which was broken in 2007. Her 100 Backstroke record was 59.51. The 100 Breaststroke was 1:10:35. The 50 Free record was 23.92 seconds. 

The swimming genetics don’t only lie with Lylah, but her sister, Senior Ariel also is an amazing swimmer. Lylah and Ariel at the beginning of the season had one main goal for the season, and that was to clear the leaderboard for the girl’s side and make it all “Theriac.” With their hard work this season, they accomplished their goal.

“I think Lylah has done extremely well. She’s improved a lot over the season and put a lot into the season,” Ariel said.

Ariel broke the longer course records for MHS. She has a total of three personal records. The first being 100 Freestyle with 56:25 seconds. She broke the 200-yard Freestyle with 1:59.71. For the 500-yard Freestyle she got an incredible 5:26.22 minutes.

Both Ariel and Lylah together with other teammates have broken the 200 Medley Relay with an incredible 1:56.21 minutes. The other relay broken was the 200-yard Freestyle Relay with 1:44.78 minutes. 

Ariel has been one of Lylah’s biggest fans this season and only wants the best for her. Ariel believes that Lylah has had an amazing start to her high school career and believes that she can do bigger and better things going forward.

“I’m kind of sad I’m leaving, but I’m glad the team has Lylah to help them move forward,” Ariel said.

While sometimes the time of graduation and Senior year in general can be a time of looking back and being sad, Ariel seems to have a more positive outlook of moving forward and doing bigger things.

Sam Meier is an Assistant Swim Coach for the team. She’s been coaching for a total of two years of high school swimming. Her personal swimming history entailed a total of seven hard working years competitively swimming. She’s been coaching Lylah for just one year and has seen a lot of improvement. 

“I think they did amazing this season, they definitely put in their all,” Meier said.

Meier also noted that the fact that Lylah made it to state as a freshman was highly impressive, especially in an individual stroke. An individual stroke is basically just a swimming event that isn’t a relay with other swimmers and is just based on one person’s sole performance.

Photo by Rose Freeman

Photo by Rose Freeman

Photo by Rose Freeman