Friday, March 28, 2014

MHS 2013 Yearbook is a Hoosier Star Finalist

   The Indiana High School Press Association named Mooresville High School's 2013 Wagon Trails Yearbook a Hoosier Star Finalist.  The Hoosier Star is the highest honor given to a yearbook in the State of Indiana.

Things To Do While Staying Home on Spring Break

by: Shelby Parsons
  While it seems like everyone is going somewhere for Spring Break, there are many people staying home. Sophomore Hanah Smith plans on doing absolutely nothing during Spring Break.
  Staying home doesn’t necessarily mean not leaving your house. During her Spring Break, sophomore Ashley Hobson plans on going fishing.
  It’s not just the students staying home, even English teacher Mrs. Patel is staying home.
  “I plan on spending time with my kids and hopefully cleaning my house,” said Patel.
  As some plans for other people, Hobson said just to sleep. Smith simply said to go outside.
  “Spend time with someone you love. See a good movie or read a good book. You could even go get a pedicure,” said Patel.
  So during Spring Break, some things to do are: go fishing, spend time with family, see a movie, sleep, get a pedicure, go shopping, clean, read a book, go for a walk in the park, or just don’t do anything.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

MHS Crossword Puzzle

The first person to solve the crossword and write the answers on a sheet of paper and hand it in to Mrs. Clark (Room A113) will win a super special prize!

2. MHS broadcast advisor
4. Senior class president
6. MHS newspaper title
8. Mooresville home team
9. 2014 Olympics site
10. "E" in PEP
12. Equinox occurring around the beginning of spring
14. Mooresville Cinema
16. Cafeteria chicken caterer
18. February junior student of the month
19. First American to propose Daylight Savings Time
1. Local Cajun cuisine hotspot
2. 2014 movie about Kermit and his friends
3. State flag creator
5. Founder of Mooresville
7. Number of stars on Indiana state flag
11. New glass hallway
13. "L" in LIA
15. Mooresville Principal or Walt
17. MHS newspaper advisor

Top 20 Announcement

The Top 20 senior students were announced yesterday, March 24 during PEP.  The Top 20 award dinner will be held at Jones Memorial on Monday, May 5.
They are:
Tanner Atkins
Morganne Belton
Justine Christian
Ryan Crafts
Ariel Halstead
Benjamin Hammon
Kayla Harpold
Jaclyn Harris
Kelsey Hawkins
Kaitlyn Lowe
Michelle Majeski
Jessica McDaniel
Cameron Meadows
Logan Mills
Joshua Passey
Morgan Smalling
Morgan Sussman
Molly Tieman
Nicole Tipton
Jacob Tooley

  Congratulations to the Top 20!

Senior Graduation Announcements

On Tuesday, March 25th seniors at MHS ordered graduation items such as thank you notes, name cards, address labels, and picture frames. The seniors did not receive their cap and gown, delivery will be in late May. Commencement will be held on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Annual Italian Fest Dinner

Orchestra will be hosting their annual Italian Fest Dinner and Music on March 25 at 5:30 until 7:30 p.m. in the high school café.
  Students and parents will be allowed to enter through door 29. The cost for the dinner is $6.00 for Adults and $4.00 for students. If wishing to check out the musical talents for MHS orchestra, tickets will only be $1.00.
 Mooresville’s orchestra will be serving spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, garlic bread or sticks, salad or applesauce, dessert, and a drink. Ala Carte items will also be available.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Color Guard Divisional Finals

by Shelby Parsons
  The MHS Winter Color Guard placed sixth out of 43 guards from Indiana at IHSCGA AA Divisional Finals Saturday, March 15th. They scored 71.49 points, making them just tenths of a point from placing in the top five.

  “I am very proud of our students and Kristina Sponsler, Christopher Sparks, Melissa Florit and Brandi Bibb, our color guard staff, for a great winter season,” band teacher Jason Freeman said.

March Madness Upsets

by Baron Medsker  
After the second and third rounds of March Madness, there were seven upsets by seed in the second round and five upsets by seed in the third round. 11 Dayton started off the madness with an upset over 6 Ohio State winning by a small score of 60-59. 12 Harvard continued the second round madness with a 61-57 victory over Sean Kilpatrick’s 5 Cincinatti Bearcats.
12 North Dakota State’s proficient offense was too much to handle for the 5th seeded Sooners, who lost a tough 80-75 game in OT.
Friday continued the stunning upsets with 14 seeded Mercer defeating the 3rd seeded Duke Blue Devils 78-71. 10 Stanford continued with a 58-53 upset of 7th seeded New Mexico.
11 Tennessee one in the First Four and then went on to upset Massachusetts 86-67, and 12 Stephen F. Austin defeated 5 VCU 77-75 in OT.
The Third Round continued the upsets with the 11th seeded Dayton Flyers defeating 3 Syracuse, whom had not one but TWO opportunites by freshman Tyler Ennis to tie the game or take the lead at the end. 
The 7th seeded Huskies were able to upset 2 Villanova later that day, and 10 Stanford did it again and upset the 2nd seeded Jayhawks led by freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins 60-57.
8 Kentucky gave the 1st seeded Wichita State Shockers their FIRST loss all year, 78-76. Fred Van Vleet was inches from continuing Wichita States perfect season, but it just wasn’t enough.
Finally to end the upsets in the second and third round, the 6th seeded Baylor Bears DOMINATED the 3rd seeded Creighton Blue Jays, led by All-American Doug McDermott, 85-55.

GSA Buttons

MHS Gay-Straight Alliance is having a straight allies week March 24th-28th. During both A and B lunch, buttons will be sold for $1 each. There will be a banner to sign and show support for the LGBT+ community.

Haley Wilkerson Is Selected As National Youth Delegate

by Harley Kincaid  
 Haley Wilkerson has been chosen as a National Youth Delegate for the Prestigious conference at George Mason University in Washington D.C. The Conference will run from June 22 to June 27.
   "It feels pretty awesome to be selected," Wilkerson said.
   To be selected, students must maintain an above average GPA and be a 21st century scholar. On top of this, students also have to be environmentally conscious.
   "Its hard because you always have to think about the environment," Wilkerson said.
   While in D.C. Wilkerson will be visiting the zoo and the Smithsonian museum. Wilkerson will be staying on George Mason's campus.

Friday, March 21, 2014

MHS' Lent Traditions

  Lent started on March 5 this year and will end on April 19.
  Lent is a Catholic religious observation where you are supposed to give up something for six weeks before Easter. Even though it is considered a religious tradition, plenty of non-religious people do it.  Even if they don’t practice for religious purposes they do it for fun, “It’s more for the willpower aspect of it,” senior Jackie Farrand said.
  Jackie Farrand has given up any kind of soda and shopping for herself. This is Farrand’s fourth year participating in lent. “Normally I give up pop for moral support for my best friend, but this year I added on shopping for myself,” Farrand said.
  Forty days is a long time to give up something that you have been so used to doing, some usually give in to their habits and break their fasting. But Jackie Farrand has stayed true to lent.
  “The first thing I’ll do after lent is to go to Burger King and get a Peach Sprite,” Farrand said.
  Stay tuned for a weekly update on Jackie Farrand’s status on keeping with her Lent.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

High School Drama

photo by Tara Davis
by Brett Hoffman  
The MHS Drama Department’s annual spring play premiered on Thursday March 13.
  The play, Varney the Vampire, featured a cast of Mooresville students from various classes. The play told the tale of Varney, portrayed by junior Quinn Cavin, who seeks to end his eternal suffering after the loss of his beloved Amelia, portrayed by junior Olivia Seyerle.
“We had a really fun cast,” Cavin said. “The actors all played their parts brilliantly and the play was an overall success.”
  Along the way, Varney forgets his mission after falling in love with Flora, portrayed by junior Hannah Shelton. Under Varney’s influence Flora begins to wish to become a vampire herself, and its up to her fiance Richard, portrayed by junior Austin Webster, and two of Italy’s finest police inspectors, portrayed by senior Josh Passey and sophomore Brenden Rolland, to slay the vampire and save Flora.
  “I enjoyed being someone else while still being myself,” sophomore Emma Kivett said.
  “I had an amazing group of actors this year,” director Melaney Kassen said. “The play went so well and I’m so excited for next year’s play.”


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Its Hunting Season

 by Kyrstin Coomes
Over the last month, Flappy Bird has taken over the lives of many teenagers.
“It sucks, I hate it and I’ll never play it again,” sophomore Breanna Bates said.
Friends were suggesting it to friends, and those friends were suggesting it to their own. It was a frenzy that everyone felt the need to partake in.
Recently though, the app was taken off of the market. The developer of the game took it down, stating that he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Anyone with half a brain knows you can get it back from the internet within 15 seconds,” senior Ron Stapert said.
Flappy Bird is so frustrating that people were actually destroying their phones over a high score. They were even suing the developer because they broke their phone, blaming him of their act.
“It drove me insane. I wanted to throw my phone,” Guidance Counselor Ericka Gayle said.
Now that the app is down, many people have created knockoffs in order to get money. With Flappy Bird gone, people are left with no choice but to download them.
“Just one word. Terrible,” Junior Lauren Campbell.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Academic Team Update

On March 4, the Mooresville High School Academic Teams went to Franklin Community High School to compete against Franklin Community, Whiteland, Martinsville, and Decatur Central High Schools in five disciplines and an interdisciplinary competition.
Mooresville placed second in the English, Social Studies, Math, and Science competitions. The Fine Arts team placed fourth. Finally, MHS took third place in the Interdisciplinary competition.
Great job MHS academic teams and good luck at your next competition!

FBI Wanted: Future Leaders

The FBI Youth Leadership Academy is looking for a variety of hard-working high school students in Indiana to attend a three day program teaching techniques and skills for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
Students must have completed their junior year, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, have leadership qualities, scholastic achievement and good citizenship, commit to attending the entire three day program, and write an essay of no more than 500 words telling why they’re interested in the program and how the program will help with their future plans.
The program is designed to give an educational experience that will provide students with leadership training and an understanding of the FBI. It uses experiential learning activities to help students develop communication, trust, teamwork, goal setting, and leadership skills.
The program will be from July 16 through the 18.