Friday, March 21, 2014

MHS' Lent Traditions

  Lent started on March 5 this year and will end on April 19.
  Lent is a Catholic religious observation where you are supposed to give up something for six weeks before Easter. Even though it is considered a religious tradition, plenty of non-religious people do it.  Even if they don’t practice for religious purposes they do it for fun, “It’s more for the willpower aspect of it,” senior Jackie Farrand said.
  Jackie Farrand has given up any kind of soda and shopping for herself. This is Farrand’s fourth year participating in lent. “Normally I give up pop for moral support for my best friend, but this year I added on shopping for myself,” Farrand said.
  Forty days is a long time to give up something that you have been so used to doing, some usually give in to their habits and break their fasting. But Jackie Farrand has stayed true to lent.
  “The first thing I’ll do after lent is to go to Burger King and get a Peach Sprite,” Farrand said.
  Stay tuned for a weekly update on Jackie Farrand’s status on keeping with her Lent.