Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Its Hunting Season

 by Kyrstin Coomes
Over the last month, Flappy Bird has taken over the lives of many teenagers.
“It sucks, I hate it and I’ll never play it again,” sophomore Breanna Bates said.
Friends were suggesting it to friends, and those friends were suggesting it to their own. It was a frenzy that everyone felt the need to partake in.
Recently though, the app was taken off of the market. The developer of the game took it down, stating that he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Anyone with half a brain knows you can get it back from the internet within 15 seconds,” senior Ron Stapert said.
Flappy Bird is so frustrating that people were actually destroying their phones over a high score. They were even suing the developer because they broke their phone, blaming him of their act.
“It drove me insane. I wanted to throw my phone,” Guidance Counselor Ericka Gayle said.
Now that the app is down, many people have created knockoffs in order to get money. With Flappy Bird gone, people are left with no choice but to download them.
“Just one word. Terrible,” Junior Lauren Campbell.