Friday, September 28, 2012

Security Update: From MHS Facebook Page

Update from MHS Facebook Page:

Last evening, parents received information about a threat written on a bathroom wall at Mooresville High School. A threat assessment team - including administrators, certified school safety specialists, and local police – reviewed the information and additional precautionary measures were put into place immediately.

Overnight, local law enforcement conducted multiple sweeps of the MHS/PHMS building and did not find anything suspicious. We will continue to have additional safety measures in place during school today for Mooresville High School as well as the entire campus area.

The safety of the students and staff of all Mooresville schools is of utmost priority. The disruption of our educational day and a threat upon the safety of our students is a very serious matter. With this and all situations, we appreciate the cooperation of our students and school community and ask anyone who may have information about these comments to please contact school administrators or the Mooresville Police Department.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cancellation Notice: Before School Activities Friday

All student activities that were supposed to occur before school on Friday, September 28 have been cancelled.

Security Precautions Underway: Message found in MHS Restroom


The following has been sent to MHS parents. Due to close proximity to Mooresville High School, PHMS and Northwood parents have received this information as well. Please be aware that no threats have been made toward any of the other schools; however, we will have extra security precautions in place throughout the entire campus.
Important Message from Mooresville High School

A message has been found in a Mooresville High School restroom which included a drawing of a bomb with the date of September 28. This was immediately reported to school authorities and to local police. School administrators and law enforcement are investigating and reviewing security camera footage.

The Boys are Back in Town: Boys Soccer

 by Cassidy Kelley 
   The universal sport of soccer is probably the most popular sport in the whole world. Its influence is so great that it is played in every single country on every single continent. Soccer is the national sport of nations; but it is also played by MHS’s very own boys on the Varsity soccer team.
   Jack Polson has been coaching soccer for the last ten years, but only four of those have been at MHS. He has an “E” level coaching license, and as a former player he has a great passion for the game. 
   “A couple of the goals for the team this season are to win conference and sectionals,” Polson said. “We feel that the team is ready to meet those challenges.”

Going for the Goal: Girls JV Soccer

      by Cassidy Kelley
The whistle is blown. Eyes of parents and friends are glued to the field in front of them as the ball is put into play. Built up tension has finally been released as the game begins.
   For five nonconsecutive years Erin Bechtold has been the JV girls’ soccer coach. After taking some time off to be with her young children, she has returned this year to help lead the MHS girls into victory. She hopes to help the girls work better as a team.
   “I love being able to influence the girls in a positive way,” Bechtold said.
   Her goal is being accomplished as the girls continue to show good sportsmanship on and off the field.

College Go Week! Staff Photo

MHS Staff members sport attire from their college years to support College Go! Week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Important Notice: From MHS Facebook Page

Officials at Mooresville Schools have been made aware of threatening comments made Tuesday evening through social media by a Mooresville High School student toward other students at the school. School officials notified local law enforcement and turned over all information on the matter. The schools will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement in their investigation of this incident. Such threats are a violation of school policy and the student is suspended from school at this time. The safety and security of all students is of utmost importance. To help alleviate any student concerns, additional campus security measures will be in place today (Wednesday).

We want to make parents aware that the threatening comments were brought to our attention by another student and that we are very grateful to that student for the prompt notification. We want to make all students aware that remarks which threaten to harm others are not a joke, are not funny, and should always be taken very seriously. We ask that parents please talk to their students about the importance of reporting any threatening or disturbing behavior or comments either to school officials or to law enforcement. Thank you for your continued support of our schools and our students.

Monday, September 24, 2012

News Release: Athlete of the Week Sept. 17-22

Week of September 17-22, 2012

GIRLS SOCCER:  Sophomore, Kellie Cavanaugh
Kellie is in the midst of a very solid season for the Lady Pioneer Soccer program.  She has been a very consistent player in the middle, distributing the ball very well to both the offense and defense each game.   Kellie is a very unselfish player, and she is always looking for ways to assist her teammates.  She had two standout performances this past week in a 2-0 win against Ben Davis and the 5-4 OT shootout victory for the conference championship against Plainfield which she posted one goal. 

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: Senior, Michael Passmore
Michael defended his Mid-State conference title this past Saturday by winning the individual conference cross country championship for a second consecutive year.  Michael has also been the individual winner at every race the team has competed in so far this season.  Michael is self-motivated, displays high character, and is a solid leader both on and off the course for the cross country program.

Released by MHS Athletic Department

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Morning MHS! Friday's Spirit Contest.

Juniors Andrew Mikesell and Tyler Stapleton woke up at 5 a.m. to prepare Mikesell's attaire for today's festivities.
Today's Winners!

Contest Selection

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday's Class Schedule

 *NOTE: Schedule subject to adjustment based on Friday's Weather

           1st Period: 7:50 – 8:27

          2nd Period: 8:32 – 9:10

          3rd Period: 9:15 – 9:52

          4th Period: 9:57 – 10:34

          6th Period (Announcements): 10:39 – 11:20

          5th Period: 11:25 – 12:43

                    1st Lunch: 11:25 – 11:50
                    2nd Lunch: 12:18 – 12:43

          7th Period: 12:48 – 1:15

Cheerleaders and ONLY senior football players to be released to the football field by an announcement at 12:40pm.

ONLY senior football players may be on the field.  All other football players must be in the stands and seated with their class.

Students will be released to Homecoming events by an announcement at 1:05pm.

2012 Mid State Conference Girls Soccer CHAMPIONS!

photo by Lindsay Wittell, Wagon Trails Yearbook Staff
by Cassidy Kelley
   With over 3.5 billion fans, soccer (or as the Europeans call it ‘football’) is said to be the most popular sport worldwide. For some, it’s life. But for now, for girls on the MHS Girls Varsity team, they’re just enjoying the game.
   September 19 the MHS girls’ Varsity soccer team has been named the 2012 Mid-State Athletic Conference Champions. Winning against Plainfield with their 5-4 OT penalty kick victory, Coach Jason Damron, his staff and the entire Lady Pioneers soccer program have something incredible to celebrate.

Homecoming Charity: Make A Wish Foundation

by Daniel Skora, Shyla Harless, and Abby Ellinghausen

The Make A Wish Foundation, a network of nearly 25,000 volunteers, works to give strength and happiness to children who have terminal or life-threatening illnesses.
Three-year-old Treiton Davis, brother of freshman Trenton Davis, has complex congenital heart disease, and has had ten open heart surgeries.
Treiton’s wish was granted and he and his family were able to spend a week at the Give Kids the World Village in Walt Disney World.
Student Council will be walking in the Homecoming Parade on Friday with the Davis family as well as the family of Bri McQueen, who also had her wish granted.
Student Council will be selling bracelets, stars and painting faces at the Homecoming game in order raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Thursday: Best Dressed

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

JSA Voting Booth at Homecoming Game

   Junior State of America (JSA) is offering a special opportunity for students 18 and older this Friday at Homecoming.
   At the Homecoming Football game Friday, students will be able to complete their voting registration in order to vote for their presidential candidate of choice. This opportunity is not only a good way to save time on getting their registration form filled out, but also brings publicity to the club.
   “This event will get the community more involved in the 2012 election,” senior Austin Brinkley, President of JSA, said.
   Election Day is November 6. For those eligible, hurry and get registered to vote this Friday at the JSA stand.
   “Getting people, especially students, to vote helps our country grow as we get every possible opinion there is,” Brinkley said.

Teacher Challenge Day #4

Gather your calculators and pocket protectors - It's NERD Day! Beat the teachers and get the grade in Thursday's teacher challenge. Be proud, be loud, and be a nerd!

What Some Enjoy While Camping, and Their Fears

   by Sara Lambert
   A fun fall activity that some members of the Mooresville High School enjoy is camping. There are several fun things to do while camping, like hiking, being out in the wilderness, fishing, playing games, and being around the ones you love.
   Mady Bowen, a sophomore, likes to go camping out of state in the Great Smokey Mountains. While camping in the mountains she is afraid of bears and wild turkeys.
   “My dad and I start a fire, cook din-din over it and make s’mores, and we call it a night, the next day, we go hiking all day.” Bowen said.
   Mady likes to camp by herself for alone time, but most of the time she is accompanied by her father, Brandon Bowen.
   “I really enjoy taking Mady camping with me, she is good with being in the wilderness for certain periods of time,” Brandon Bowen said.
   Mady’s tips would be to not walk into a fire and always being emergency equipment.
     As for sophomore Samantha Roberts, she enjoys camping at McCormick’s Creek and Brown County State Park. 
   Samantha is afraid of bugs, snakes, woodland creatures, killers and stalkers.
   “We make s’mores, tell scary stories around the fire, which is why I have a fear of killers, the next day we go swimming, hiking, and fishing,” Roberts said.
   Samantha likes going camping with her sister, Heidi Lamb, and her best friend Aubrey Gooding.
“Make sure you have bug repellent because it’s going to be a buggy ride,” Roberts said.
   Camping is a great was to get outside and enjoy the Fall.

Bonfires: Your Information Guide

by Taylor Childs
   Bonfires are one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The weather is cooling down as fall approaches and around a bonfire is the place to be.
   Besides enjoying the outdoors, bonfires are a fun and environmentally friendly activity. They can also be used to raise money for any organization. From churches, youth groups, clubs and even family gatherings, many people partake in the fall time favorite.
   There are many enjoyable activities and games that can be done around a bonfire. Singing songs would be perfect for students in choir, and telling spooky stories would be great for those with a love of literature.
   Sports like football, soccer or volleyball could be played. Hide and seek and flashlight tag are old but still good. There’s also the new trend of star-tripping.
   “Star tripping is when you’re, like, spinning in a circle, and then you fall on the ground and look at the sky,” junior Eric Johnson said.
   Remember to keep warm though, as the autumn air can be nippy. Always bring a sweatshirt or a sweater along with you. If not, snuggling around the fire is always an acceptable option.
   Snacks are a necessity for the hungry teen. Roasting marshmallows is always required around a bonfire, along with chocolate and graham crackers. Snaking is a favorite activity of many.
   “Eat food… duh,” sophomore Taylor Janneck said.
   Keeping safe should be top priority. Calling ahead of time to let the fire department know of your bonfire would help lessen false alarms.
   According to the Mooresville Fire Department, fires should be no more than three feet in diameter and height. All fires should be at least 15 feet away from a structure.
   Only burn natural objects and no man made materials. Remember to check the weather, and always keep a water source available at all times.

Wednesday Winners

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wednesday's Challenge: SuperStaffers!

It's a bird, it's a plane! It's the Teacher's Challenge Homecoming Day 3! Defeat the MHS Staff and save the day!

2012 Yearbooks Still Available!

Did you see the yearbook today and wish you'd ordered one? It's not too late to purchase a book. See Mrs. Blake in the Welcome Center (Door #1)  from 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Extra books cost $55. If you have already ordered a book, but forgot to pick up a book, your book should be picked up at the Welcome Center.

Tuesday's Spirit Contest Winners

Monday, September 17, 2012

They're Back... Retired Teachers

by Abby Ellinghausen

   We all have our favorite teachers that we love and hate to see go, but do you ever wonder where they are these days?
   Are they living in Florida and playing golf, traveling the world or just around Mooresville spending time with family? Well, you can find out at the football game on Oct. 5 because they are coming back!
  Mr. Muston thought it would be a good idea to start a new tradition and have one of the football games dedicated to the retired teachers of Mooresville High School.
   “It’s something new and exciting and a great opportunity for current staff and students to connect and celebrate what all those teachers contributed to our school,” Principal Chuck Muston said.
   The teachers will be tailgating before the game and then they will be recognized during halftime.
   “Without these teachers we wouldn’t be where we are today. They are very much a part of our success and we need to give thanks to them for that,” Muston said.
   “The recognition they deserve fades and thank you is not said enough,” Assistant Principal Jennifer Perkins said.
   This game is a perfect opportunity to catch up with your former teachers that have retired and to give them the thanks and praise that they deserve. So come to the game on Oct. 5 because the teachers will probably be more excited to see you than you will be to see them.

Girls’ Golf is Under Par

by Daniel Skora
Girls’ golf has finished off its season with a winning record. The 14 girls on the girls’ golf team worked hard to achieve this goal.
“Golf is important to me because it’s something me and most of my family do,” team captain Jourdan Blackburn said. “We can do it together and it makes us closer.”
They practiced from 3 until 4:30 p.m. every day. Their practice locations were Eagle Pines and Heartland.
“The best thing that has happened to me this year is having one of the best matches I’ve ever had. I shot a 46,” Blackburn said.
The team ended up with a winning record this year. They plan to have an even better season next year.
“I won our invitational at Eagle Pines Golf Club. I shot a 77 and the team came in second,” team captain Danielle Warthen said. “I enjoy playing and meeting the girls from other schools.”
Team captain Danielle Warthen placed second in the sectional on Saturday, and she will be moving on to regionals. This is her first year making it past sectionals.
“I played on West Chase which a tough course, so I’m glad I did so well.” Warthen said.
As a team they placed fifth at sectionals.

Constitution Day

   Students today may have noticed people around the school sporting old-fashioned clothing and homemade shirts, along with red, white and blue treats. The reason for this is an extra credit opportunity in Ms. Joyce Gilly’s classes by sporting Constitution-related items around the school.
Click below for more photos.

Tuesday Challenge: Sport your Gear!

Get your sport on to beat the teachers in tomorrow's challenge! Do you have better gear than the MHS Staff? Spirit contest at 7:45 a.m. in front of the library.

Fall Vacation interupts Spell Bowl Season

by Sara Lambert  
   Spell Bowl will not be happening this year due to the fact that the main competition is on October 15, the first Monday of Fall Vacation.
      “I am disappointed that the team will not compete this year,” Mr. Marine said. “Most of the 2011 team was returning, so the momentum was stopped.”
   There have to be 10 people to compete in order for there to even be a competition, and it would be complicated to get 10 people during Fall Vacation to go compete.

Staff Spirit: Neon Day

Neon Day Best Dressed!

Each won a point for their class. Follow @MrsSelby110 for contest updates!

Athlete of the Week

Week of September 10-15, 2012

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY:  Freshman, Megan Phillips
Megan has contributed each week to the Lady Pioneers Cross Country success this season.  She has been the first lady Pioneer to cross the finish line at every meet thus far this season.  This past Saturday, Megan finished 3rd overall at the Golden Spike Invitational.  She completed the 5k race in 20 minutes and 07 seconds, which is a new school record!  She maintains a positive attitude, works hard and has been a great encouragement to her teammates this season.

BOYS TENNIS: Senior, Aaron Schaler
Aaron went 1-2 last week with a solid win over Indian Creek.  Aaron plays #2 doubles which has become one of the team's strengths this season.  Currently, Aaron has an overall record of 8-7 for the Pioneers.  Aaron is also one of the team captains and has done a great job of leading the team both on and off the court this season.

Released by MHS Athletic Department

Friday, September 14, 2012

Challenge: Can you beat this MHS?

It's not going to be a melancoly Monday...
Brighten up MHS on Monday and challenge your teachers at the same time! Can you beat these MHS staff members' neon/camo get-ups? Don't forget to go to the Library at 7:45 a.m. to participate in the contest.

Apple Central: Anderson Orchard

by Shyla Harless
 Anderson Apple Orchard is visited by hundreds of people from early July until late October. The orchard has over 150 acres of apples, pumpkins, peaches, pears, plums, red raspberries and various nuts.
    The orchard has a retail store that sells many other tasty treats.  The hours are from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. seven days a week.
   The orchard has been open since 1969. The present owners are Paul and Carolyn Anderson, and their children are actively involved with the orchard as well.
   “I have been going since I was a baby, and I think it’s a great family place to go.” Junior Mackensie Letourneau said.
    The orchard has 28 different types of apples with many trees for each kind.
   “The Granny Smith apples are my favorite,” English teacher Mrs. Kelly Patel said. “The hay playground is great for my kids; however, we do not care for the bees.”
     On September 29 and 30, Anderson Apple Orchard will be hosting a craft fair and it’s annual Apple Festival. The craft tents will be open from 9 a.m. until 5p.m, rain or shine. The orchard will have normal hours 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. It’s a great family idea so come and join the festivities. For more information, call Anderson Apple Orchard at (317) 831-4181.

2012 Yearbook Distribution

2012 Yearbooks can be picked up at the Welcome Center (Door #1) from 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Extra books are still available for $55.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spirit Award Contest

Spirit Award
MHS will host a contest for spirit the week of Homecoming. The class with the most points wins! See contests below.

Key Club Call-out on Monday

Key Club will have it’s first call out meeting at 2:45 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 17  in Room 143. 

2012 Fall Homecoming Court

 Freshman Shelby Stanley, sophomore Hannah Shelton, junior Haley Wyble, senior Taylor Chitwood, senior Jordan Allen, senior Nichol Crose, junior Haley Chitwood, freshman Sophie Shock and sophomore Veronica Smith.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fish Fry

   On September 21, MHS’s band will be promoting a Fish Fry. The Fish Fry will be held before the Homecoming game in the High School cafeteria from 4 until 7 p.m. Come out and support the Mooresville High School Band. Cost is $5 for fish, chicken, hotdogs, fries, sides, deserts and drinks.

Homecoming Pep Session Game Sign-ups

Corn Hole: Mr. Brian Stayte (Room 133)
Tug-of-War: Mr. Adam Allen (Room 108)
Eating Contest: Mr. Roger Thomas (Room 211)
Football Dress Up: Mrs. Dana Dillman (Room 152)
Sack Race: Mr. Matthew Brewer (Room 128)
Balloon Toss: Mrs. Alicia Richhart (Room 209)
Sign-ups begin on Monday, September 17.

Editorial: Why Go To Homecoming?

   Every year, public schools prepare for one of the biggest school spirit events and football games of the season: Homecoming.
    An upheld tradition at MHS, Homecoming not only brings a ton of profit for the school but also is a huge social event and opportunity to show off Pioneer team spirit. Many students choose to participate in this event, through either the Pep Rally that takes place during school hours or just going to the game to hang out with friends.


 The Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance will award four $500 scholarships to graduating senior who plan to major in health education, physical education, recreation or dance education fields.  Applications are available in the guidance office or by going to

The Elks National Foundation is awarding 500 scholarships nationwide through it Most Valuable Student Scholarship contest.   Judging criteria includes Scholarship, Leadership and Financial Need.  Visit: for further information.

Homecoming Shirts

Homecoming Shirts will go on sale on Monday, September 17 at lunch. The cost will be $10.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


2011 Winning Float: Class of 2014
Fall Homecoming is this month. The float building schedules and locations for each class are listed below.

PowderPuff Information

    The PowderPuff Games are on Thursday, September 20, 2012. The freshmen and sophomore game starts at 6 p.m., and the junior and senior game starts at 7 p.m. The bonfire will occur after the game, around 8 p.m.
   Any student who wishes to play or purchase a shirt must have a Consent form signed and returned to the Welcome Center by Friday. The forms are above the Homework Table in Student Services and must be turned in with a $20 dollar fee by Friday, September 14.
   Please note that the shirts for PowderPuff will have the same design as the Homecoming shirts, but will be in PowderPuff colors.
   Freshmen and sophomore practices for the PowderPuff game will be next week on the following schedule:
Monday, Sept. 17 3-3:45 p.m. 
Tuesday, Sept. 18 3-3:45 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 19 3-3:45 p.m.
   Juniors and seniors are allowed to practice on their own schedule.

Monday, September 10, 2012

August Students of the Month

The freshman students of the month are Jake Hawkins and Sarah Ignas.
The sophomore students of the month are Shane Fike and Peyton Lindley.
The junior students of the month are Dylan Atwell and Morgan Smalling.
The senior students of the month are Jared VanHook and Tam Nguyen.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blood Drive Tuesday, Sept. 25

A represenative from Indiana Blood Center will be at MHS on Monday, Sept. 10 at lunch to recruit and give information about the drive.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Homecoming Week Spirit Theme Days

Monday, September 17: Neon & Camouflage Day
Tuesday, September 18: Sports/Jersey Day
Wednesday, September 19: Super Hero Day
Thursday, September 20: Nerd Day
Friday, September 21st: Pioneer Pride/Homecoming Shirt

Donut Day Friday September 14

Donuts will be served during first period on Friday, September 14. See your first period teacher to order. The cost is 50 cents per donut. All proceeds will benefit Make A Wish Foundation.

Homecoming Court Voting Monday and Tuesday

Stop by the Student Council table at lunch to nominate your friends for Homecoming Court. Voting will take place next Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Week of August 27 – September 1, 2012

MHS Has an Opportunity to Win $5000

     MHS can win $5000 by Facebook votes through the Hometown Showdown at On Twitter they can go @IN FarmBureauIns #HometownShowdown. People can still vote once today and once tomorrow.

NOTICE: Junior Class Fundraiser

by Morgan Sussman
   With only two days left to buy from the junior class fundraiser, students need to buy now to support this year’s prom and make it the best yet.
   From August 22 to September 7, the junior class will be selling cookie dough and holiday gifts around the school. Also featured in the campaign is the opportunity to renew magazine subscriptions through the fundraiser, keeping the money within the Mooresville community.

Hit the Clubs

by Daniel Skora

There are oodles of clubs within Mooresville High School. Check out the following collection of clubs, and choose which one fits you the best. Don’t be afraid to attend one of the meetings!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Memoriam: David Kevin Conklin

David Kevin Conklin was born on October 19, 1994. He passed away on August 28, 2012. Conklin was a junior at MHS. He also attended North Madison Elementary School, as well as Paul Hadley Middle School. Conklin has extended family at North Madison Elementary and PHMS.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, a celebration of Kevin's life will be held