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The Key to Having a Brrreath Taking Winter Wardrobe

by Georgia Jeffries    For girls, warm accessories are the way to go! A cozy blanket scarf, a cute beanie, or decorative mittens are all ways to stay warm but look super cute. Lots of girls like wearing boot socks with their winter boots; they’re a fun and easy way to keep your feet warm and to spice up your outfit. “I love boot socks, and especially fuzzy socks during the winter,” junior Samantha Walsh said.    Another trendy style for girls during the winter is big baggy sweaters. Girls frequently wear sweaters with leggings and boots. “My favorite outfit during the winter is a sweater with jeans and my UGG boots,” junior Marisa Voyles said. “I wear a pea coat mostly but some days I just wear a north face jacket.”    A stylish way for guys to dress during the snowy weather is pretty simple. A nice sweater with and button up shirt underneath. Add a pair of khaki pants, some duck boots, a beanie, and you’re ready to go. “I wear long sleeved shirts or sweaters with just jeans m

Kayla's Corner

by Kayla Covey  1.Over break high school kids should go shopping and go ice-skating. 2. I have fun because I get to visit my mamaw. 3. One of our traditions is getting together with my family. 4. The foods I like for the holidays are yummy Christmas cookies and fudge.

Madrigal Dinner

by Ben Neal and Tyler Petersen    The Madrigal dinner was December 11 th and December 12 th at 6:30. The evening started off by the husbands escorting the wives in to their place on stage. The opening song was Gaudete performed by the Madrigals. After Gaudete, Finnesse came out and sang two songs before the wassail toast.      After that the boars head was carried in while the king and queen were speaking.   Next dinner was served and then the skit. The dinner was pulled pork, potatoes, and green beans. The skit was a game show that involved picking people to be the Queen’s best friend.   When the skit was finished, the concert part of the program began. The Madrigal dinner is an absolute must see.   “I enjoyed the Madrigal dinner this year, the food was way better,” parent Jeff Miracle said.

Step by Step Wrapping Perfection

            b y Rowan Miracle Step 1: Find the perfect color or print of the paper you’re using. Grab some tape, scissors, and ribbon. Step 2 : Get your gift , preferably   in a box of some sort. Lay the wrapping paper on a flat surface and place your item on it. Step 3: Tape the open side of the box down, evenly in the middle. Step 4 :   Then, cut the other side of the paper to evenly meet the piece taped in the middle of the box.   Tape it down after cut. Step 5: After the paper is fully disconnected from the roll, trim the sides as much needed. Push the sides in like in the picture. Step 6 : fold the edges into crisp triangles and fold the bottom up first, then the top. Secure with tape and repeat on the other side. Step 7 :   After the box is beautifully covered with paper, take your ribbon and tape one side to the bottom. Wrap it around, cut, and tape connecting the two ribbons. Do twice to make a cross shape. And add a bow in the middle Step 8 :   And your pres

Preparing for Finals

 by Kierstyn Murley           With the end of the semester rolling in, finals are on the minds of students at Mooresville. There are finals on the last week of   he first semester, and there are three days of testing.    Finals will be taken during the week of December 14. The seventh period final will be taken on Tuesday. The second, fourth, and sixth period final will be taken Wednesday. Then, the first, third, and fifth period final will be taken Thursday. Students will not have school on Friday.   Even though all students have to take the final, each person individually prepares himself or herself differently.    “I’ll study for my hardest finals first, and then work my way down so I’ll be ready for the finals, “ junior Kayla Morris said.    The process of taking finals for each student is not the same due to the fact that not every student takes exactly the same classes. Older students, or students that take more difficult classes, may act differently around the time