Monday, December 14, 2015

Step by Step Wrapping Perfection

            by Rowan Miracle
Step 1: Find the perfect color or print of the paper you’re using. Grab some tape, scissors, and ribbon.
Step 2 : Get your gift , preferably  in a box of some sort. Lay the wrapping paper on a flat surface and place your item on it.
Step 3: Tape the open side of the box down, evenly in the middle.
Step 4 :  Then, cut the other side of the paper to evenly meet the piece taped in the middle of the box.  Tape it down after cut.
Step 5: After the paper is fully disconnected from the roll, trim the sides as much needed. Push the sides in like in the picture.
Step 6 : fold the edges into crisp triangles and fold the bottom up first, then the top. Secure with tape and repeat on the other side.
Step 7 :  After the box is beautifully covered with paper, take your ribbon and tape one side to the bottom. Wrap it around, cut, and tape connecting the two ribbons. Do twice to make a cross shape. And add a bow in the middle
Step 8 :  And your present is finished! You can top it with a bow and maybe a

name tag.