Monday, January 27, 2020

2020-2021 Scheduling by Abbigail Price

Scheduling by Abbigail Price

Scheduling is upon us 
Scheduling is coming up soon for eight graders, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. During the
week of the 13th, guidance counselors will be going around the school letting kids know about
what courses are available. 
The school will be offering classes that will be taken at Ivy Tech Mooresville. Solar System
Astronomy as well as Stellar and Galactic Astronomy will be offered at Ivy Tech. These classes
will be offered at Ivy Tech Mooresville during first period, and students will have to find their
own transportation to Ivy Tech and back to Mooresville for second through seventh period. 
They are also offering Ivy Tech classes via distance learning. This means that the classes that
are offered will be taught at MHS but it will be taught over a screen. 
“We are now offering statistics and calculus II via distance learning,” Mrs. Sarah Iams said. 
Graduation pathways are now offered to students who didn’t pass ISTEP, or to freshmen who
don’t have to take the ISTEP. They have different pathways that students could go into. 
“I would encourage students to start on page eight of the curriculum guide to help them
understand,” Iams said.
Teaching, medical field, and computer science are some of the pathways students can go into.
To qualify for graduation pathways students must meet three criteria. They must have their
credits, learn and demonstrate employability skills, and postsecondary-ready competencies. 

  They will hand out a form to students that their parents must sign. Students will create their schedule on Skyward. The paper and online schedule will be due on January 23rd, but students will be able to change their schedule when they want.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

WTHR Student Athlete of the Month by Payton Batchelor

WTHR chooses one student-athlete of the month who demonstrates “excellence in athletics,
academics, or clubs/co-curricular school related hobbies”. This student-athlete is announced
on WTHR’s station. Hannah Hopkins has received a Student Athlete of the Month award
for her performance in Unified Flag Football. Hopkins was very surprised about the award
and had received messages of congratulations from her family members and coaches. 
“I felt really honored that I was nominated for the award and was just very grateful and
joyful to have received it,” Hopkins said.
The Unified Flag Football team was able to work together and come home with a state
championship this year. The school district and the team are very proud of their hard work
and dedication to the game.
“I think we had a better understanding of the game and we were ready to win at least
one game,” Hopkins said, “Then with all of the new members this year that came, really
contributed to our success and we were able to pull off a state championship.”
It was Hopkins’ involvement and development of the Unified Program in seasons past
that set her apart from the other student athletes. Assistant Athletic Director Matthew
Bosworth comments on why he believes Hopkins deserves the award.
“The relationships that she was able to build from the get-go with the other athletes stood
out and had a great impact on the teammates and made a positive influence on them,
” Bosworth said. 
Hopkins has been recognized by several teachers in the building because of her
hard work and dedication in all that she does, including sports and academics.

Area 31 Information by Maranda Flannery

Area 31
    Area 31 is a program at Ben Davis High School that Mooresville High School students as well as other schools
in surrounding areas can attend. Students at Mooresville get on a bus to travel to Ben Davis for their classes.
Depending on whether students go in the afternoon or morning they must be able to work with the different times
and be able to drive if late for the bus. Students get one class for three hours that will take all of their electives in
most cases so they get to have real life experience with teachings and opportunities for future jobs.
Many students have said there is a lot of work and dedication that goes into the classes and students need
to be passionate to do it. 
“You need to understand how serious these classes are. For example, EMS students can be a certified
EMT’s by the end of their program,” senior Ariana Halstead who takes Criminal Justice class, said.
Many students like senior Charles Moran who takes Automotive services, an Area 31 course, had a career
path in mind when going into Area 31. 
“Yes I did and I do work in that career field because of the class and the teachers helped,” Moran said. 
With these classes, they can even get help from their teachers when it comes to recommendations as Kyle
Patrick in Construction Trades says as well. 
The best way to sign up is to go to talk to the school counselors. As well as go to the open house on
Thursday, January 30, 5:30-7:30. The counselors are looking for many things when enrolling their
students when it comes to grades and attendance.

For more information go to it’s a web site that will give you all the information you need for searching and signing up.

New Year, New MHS Students by Noah Justice

As the student body is introduced to the new decade and the new year continues on, the attempts at self-betterment are in no short supply. The tradition of New Year's resolution is very popular among the students at MHS.
“There’s no point in starting off the decade on a bad note. Might as well try to be better,”  junior Blake Maher said.
The following have agreed to have their goals and objectives shared for this new year.

Junior Blake Maher: “My goal is to grow a full 10 inches.”

Senior Jacob Vaughan: “I want to lose some weight this year, now that football is done.”

Junior Sydney Gercak: This year I really want to work on my organizational skills and time management.”

Senior Madison Smither: “This year my main goal is to find a job to work somewhere.”

Sophomore Brenner White: “This is the decade of the gamer. I owe it to myself to get better.”

Senior Emilie Reynolds: “I haven’t given out enough hugs. I’m gonna give out more hugs before everyone leaves.”

Junior Jaxon Crews: “I wanna get swole as heck at the gym this year. It’s gonna be epic.”

Sophomore Owen Depoy: “I want to get closer to God and make more friends.”

Senior Christianna Lykins: “I am for sure going to improve my internet hacking skills.”

Junior Josh Stumpf: “I’m really hoping my workouts will get my weight up to 175 lbs. by August.”

Senior Ava Mayer: “I want to read a book every month this year.”

MHS Teacher Matthew Bosworth: “I don’t have one. I will probably be just as fat if not fatter a year from now.”