Thursday, January 16, 2020

WTHR Student Athlete of the Month by Payton Batchelor

WTHR chooses one student-athlete of the month who demonstrates “excellence in athletics,
academics, or clubs/co-curricular school related hobbies”. This student-athlete is announced
on WTHR’s station. Hannah Hopkins has received a Student Athlete of the Month award
for her performance in Unified Flag Football. Hopkins was very surprised about the award
and had received messages of congratulations from her family members and coaches. 
“I felt really honored that I was nominated for the award and was just very grateful and
joyful to have received it,” Hopkins said.
The Unified Flag Football team was able to work together and come home with a state
championship this year. The school district and the team are very proud of their hard work
and dedication to the game.
“I think we had a better understanding of the game and we were ready to win at least
one game,” Hopkins said, “Then with all of the new members this year that came, really
contributed to our success and we were able to pull off a state championship.”
It was Hopkins’ involvement and development of the Unified Program in seasons past
that set her apart from the other student athletes. Assistant Athletic Director Matthew
Bosworth comments on why he believes Hopkins deserves the award.
“The relationships that she was able to build from the get-go with the other athletes stood
out and had a great impact on the teammates and made a positive influence on them,
” Bosworth said. 
Hopkins has been recognized by several teachers in the building because of her
hard work and dedication in all that she does, including sports and academics.