Friday, September 23, 2016

Boys of Fall by Ashley Cox and Kayla Covey

Senior football boys love homecoming. Homecoming is a very big deal at Mooresville. Not just the parade, but the game. Everyone goes to watch the boys of fall.

Homecoming Flashback Friday by Lacey Watt

As the big game comes to the date, the traditions break out. While many come around again year after year, some are left in their prime, to be remembered for what they were.

Mooresville High School Fight Song Origins by Kitley DeFelice

At the Homecoming game, everybody in the bleachers will stand up when the Mooresville High School song will play. The school song has been a part of Mooresville for so long, so what is its history and origins?

How to Find the Perfect Dress by Jenna Briere

  Homecoming is a time of year where laughing, dancing, and sparkly dresses all mix into one night to make a time you will never forget. What you wear can be a stressful topic for girls when it comes to school dances. Here is a quiz to help get you started on finding the perfect dress.

Homecoming Proposals by Megan Copeland

The tradition of the homecoming game has been around since 1911 between Kansas and Missouri. This year, Mooresville High School will be facing Franklin Community High School. What better way to celebrate than a Homecoming Dance?