Friday, September 23, 2016

Homecoming Proposals by Megan Copeland

The tradition of the homecoming game has been around since 1911 between Kansas and Missouri. This year, Mooresville High School will be facing Franklin Community High School. What better way to celebrate than a Homecoming Dance?     
    This year, students have taken a fun approach to asking their future dates to homecoming.
Homecoming dance proposals have taken a new approach this year by going bigger and better. Some people choose a more unique way to ask their date to homecoming with props and cute little slogans. Others go with the more traditional way by simply asking their date to go with them.
Why are students going all out for homecoming proposals? Well, it is the first school dance for most freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and most people want the memories that come with it.
Freshmen Hannah Hopkins and Emma Jenkins have a very unique homecoming proposal story. Their twin dates, Kyler and Brayden Evans, gave them a “bear”y     sweet surprise.
“I was very happy and surprised that he did a good job asking,” freshman Hannah Hopkins said.
Brayden Evans gave her a beautiful bouquet of roses along with a fluffy stuffed bear. Attached to the bear was a note that said, “Will you go to the Homecoming Dance with me? I couldn’t bear to go without you.”
“I guess I was really joyful and surprised that he asked me,” freshman Emma
Jenkins said.
Kyler Evans went a more so sweeter route than his brother by giving Emma a large container of candy. Both of the girls are looking forward to going to dance the night away on Sep. 24, 2016.
No matter what a homecoming proposal looks like, though, it is the thought that counts when it comes to unique and traditional homecoming proposals. Now, it’s time to dance the night away at Mooresville’s Homecoming Dance.