Friday, September 23, 2016

Homecoming Flashback Friday by Lacey Watt

As the big game comes to the date, the traditions break out. While many come around again year after year, some are left in their prime, to be remembered for what they were.

Flashback to 1959. Ladies that were elected for Homecoming queen posed in their dresses for the picture. Queen freshman Mary Lou Collett posed with her attendants Sue Head, Sharon Keltner, Carroll Selke, Jackie Swope, Carol Anders, Jaynie Boyd, and Jill Casey. It was the first Homecoming in five years accompanied by sunshine and warm temperatures. It took two weeks to prepare for the big day that was said ‘a day to remember’.
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Flashback to 1979. From the carnival to the Homecoming in 1979, students had a blast just ‘clowning around’. At the time, sophomores Brenda Stevens and Kim Duncan showed school spirit by dressing up for fun and engaged in 1979’s current fade… rollerblading, that became a worldwide popular activity in the late 1980’s.
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Flashback to 1999. Three seniors stand around laughing and smiling in their Homecoming shirts and decorated senior jeans. Decorating senior jeans surprisingly has not always been a thing to do with seniors, but still remain in tradition today. Some say it is one of the main traditions that continue and will continue year after year.
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At the end of the day and at the end of the game, traditions may come and go through the year. One thing that is guaranteed to stay though is the spirit Mooresville kids have for the home of the Pioneers out on that football field.