Thursday, January 16, 2020

New Year, New MHS Students by Noah Justice

As the student body is introduced to the new decade and the new year continues on, the attempts at self-betterment are in no short supply. The tradition of New Year's resolution is very popular among the students at MHS.
“There’s no point in starting off the decade on a bad note. Might as well try to be better,”  junior Blake Maher said.
The following have agreed to have their goals and objectives shared for this new year.

Junior Blake Maher: “My goal is to grow a full 10 inches.”

Senior Jacob Vaughan: “I want to lose some weight this year, now that football is done.”

Junior Sydney Gercak: This year I really want to work on my organizational skills and time management.”

Senior Madison Smither: “This year my main goal is to find a job to work somewhere.”

Sophomore Brenner White: “This is the decade of the gamer. I owe it to myself to get better.”

Senior Emilie Reynolds: “I haven’t given out enough hugs. I’m gonna give out more hugs before everyone leaves.”

Junior Jaxon Crews: “I wanna get swole as heck at the gym this year. It’s gonna be epic.”

Sophomore Owen Depoy: “I want to get closer to God and make more friends.”

Senior Christianna Lykins: “I am for sure going to improve my internet hacking skills.”

Junior Josh Stumpf: “I’m really hoping my workouts will get my weight up to 175 lbs. by August.”

Senior Ava Mayer: “I want to read a book every month this year.”

MHS Teacher Matthew Bosworth: “I don’t have one. I will probably be just as fat if not fatter a year from now.”