Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hit the Clubs

by Daniel Skora

There are oodles of clubs within Mooresville High School. Check out the following collection of clubs, and choose which one fits you the best. Don’t be afraid to attend one of the meetings!

Club Name: Junior State of America (JSA)
Club Sponsor: Ms. Joyce Gilly
Room Number: 214
Junior State of America holds weekly meetings and talks about current events. They also have debates, games, and food parties. They attend conventions in Washington D.C. and Chicago each year.

Club Name:  Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Club Sponsor: Mr. Brent Olivier
Room Number: 223
SADD works to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous activities. SADD also holds a talent show each year in the spring. They meet after school every other Thursday.                                    

Club Name:  Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Club Sponsor: Ms. Sharon Eickhoff
Room Number: 115
GSA is a club open to all students who wish to address the issues of bullying and intolerance. Its goal is to provide acceptance and it provides a safe atmosphere for all members. They participate in events such as the Homecoming parade, Day of Silence, and Challenge week. They meet after school every Friday in Ms. Eickhoff’s room.

Club Name: Spanish Club
Club Sponsor: Ms. Kristin Robinson
Room Number: 208
Spanish Club participates in many Spanish related activities such as watching a movie in Spanish, going to festivals, going out to eat, and attending a soccer games. They attend one event each month. They don’t have any club meetings besides the call out meeting.

Club Name: Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Club Sponsor: Ms. Traci Ball
Room Number: 150
BPA is a professional organization for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other career related fields. They also compete in district and state competitions each year. On top of the competitions they do community service. They have weekly meetings, starting September 5 at 2:45 in Miss Ball’s room.

Club Name: Student Council
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Barbara Goddard
Room: Library
Student Council is a club made up of four class officers and other students who are representatives. Each year they work towards being an honor council of the Indiana Association of Student Councils. They have been an honor council since 2003. Activities in which they partake include Homecoming, Blood Drives, and the Dance Marathon. They meet every Friday morning at 7:15.

Club Name: Key Club
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Lindy Scott
Room Number: 143
Members of Key Club volunteer their time to the community.  Each member is required to do a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer service. Examples of these services are pop tabs and dinners for the Ronald McDonald House and Race for the Cure. They meet Tuesdays after school in Mrs. Scott’s room at 2:45.

Club Name: Drama Club
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Melanie Kassen
Room Number: 122
Drama Club is an organization for any students interested in theatre, drama, and improvisation. Activities they participate in include the Halloween Hike, Homecoming, and holiday parties. They also put on with the Christmas and spring plays each year. Theatre Arts is not a requirement to join. They meet twice a month.

Club Name: National Honor Society (NHS)
Club Sponsor: Mr. Jesse Burgess
Room Number:  216
National Honor Society chooses juniors at the end of each year to become a part of this national organization. Candidates are selected based on four pillars: leadership, character, service, and scholarship. NHS partakes in community service, the peer tutoring program, and senior shirt sales. They meet once a month.

Club Name: Pioneer Book Club
Club Sponsor:  Ms. Sharon Eickhoff
Room Number: 115
Pioneer Book Club is a new club that is open to all people who enjoy literature and writing. They also discuss books, literary magazines, and go to visit authors. It provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who loves reading and creative writing. They meet every Tuesday after school in Ms. Eickhoff’s room from 3-4.

Club Name: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Club Sponsor: Mr. Oggy Brewer
Room Number: 128
FCA is a club that allows students to grow through relationship, prayer, and Biblical devotion. They also volunteer and play games. They meet Monday mornings in Mr. Brewer’s room 128.

Club Name: Best Buddies
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Amy Selby
Room Number: 110
Best Buddies holds meetings after school on Wednesdays. They work to help with one on one friendships, employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have cookies!