Thursday, September 27, 2012

Going for the Goal: Girls JV Soccer

      by Cassidy Kelley
The whistle is blown. Eyes of parents and friends are glued to the field in front of them as the ball is put into play. Built up tension has finally been released as the game begins.
   For five nonconsecutive years Erin Bechtold has been the JV girls’ soccer coach. After taking some time off to be with her young children, she has returned this year to help lead the MHS girls into victory. She hopes to help the girls work better as a team.
   “I love being able to influence the girls in a positive way,” Bechtold said.
   Her goal is being accomplished as the girls continue to show good sportsmanship on and off the field.
   Junior Cheyenne Hale expressed that her personal goal this year is to be helpful to others. She wants to help her team work as one and to not argue on the field. After a good win, they even have a small celebration.
   “We get on the back of the bus and sing,” Hale said smiling. “It’s just something we do when we’re feeling silly.”
   Hale is currently in her first year of playing soccer for the school, but has been playing for the past eight or nine years. Part of that time has been in travel-ball.
   Senior Kayla Storie is also into her first year as forward for JV, but before now she has never played soccer. Her choir teacher Jason Damron came to her saying that the JV girls were short some players and wondered if she wouldn’t mind playing. She happily agreed.
   “It’s a lot of fun,” Storie said. “People are really encouraging and it’s exciting to try something new.”
   Sophomore Kellie Cavanaugh is center mid-fielder for JV. She’s been playing soccer for ten years, but four of those years have been spent on the PHMS and MHS soccer teams.   Cavanaugh likes the excitement when someone makes a good pass or run, and she likes spending time with the girls.
   “I want to better my skills,” Cavanaugh said. “Mostly footwork and shooting.”
   Freshman Margaux Zook has been playing soccer for over seven years and this is her first time playing for the school. An outside mid-fielder, Zook jokes that her favorite part about the game is getting knocked down while on the field.
   “I’m very good at it,” Zook said.
 The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody is looking.
American female soccer player Mia Hamm