Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Some Enjoy While Camping, and Their Fears

   by Sara Lambert
   A fun fall activity that some members of the Mooresville High School enjoy is camping. There are several fun things to do while camping, like hiking, being out in the wilderness, fishing, playing games, and being around the ones you love.
   Mady Bowen, a sophomore, likes to go camping out of state in the Great Smokey Mountains. While camping in the mountains she is afraid of bears and wild turkeys.
   “My dad and I start a fire, cook din-din over it and make s’mores, and we call it a night, the next day, we go hiking all day.” Bowen said.
   Mady likes to camp by herself for alone time, but most of the time she is accompanied by her father, Brandon Bowen.
   “I really enjoy taking Mady camping with me, she is good with being in the wilderness for certain periods of time,” Brandon Bowen said.
   Mady’s tips would be to not walk into a fire and always being emergency equipment.
     As for sophomore Samantha Roberts, she enjoys camping at McCormick’s Creek and Brown County State Park. 
   Samantha is afraid of bugs, snakes, woodland creatures, killers and stalkers.
   “We make s’mores, tell scary stories around the fire, which is why I have a fear of killers, the next day we go swimming, hiking, and fishing,” Roberts said.
   Samantha likes going camping with her sister, Heidi Lamb, and her best friend Aubrey Gooding.
“Make sure you have bug repellent because it’s going to be a buggy ride,” Roberts said.
   Camping is a great was to get outside and enjoy the Fall.