Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Editorial: Why Go To Homecoming?

   Every year, public schools prepare for one of the biggest school spirit events and football games of the season: Homecoming.
    An upheld tradition at MHS, Homecoming not only brings a ton of profit for the school but also is a huge social event and opportunity to show off Pioneer team spirit. Many students choose to participate in this event, through either the Pep Rally that takes place during school hours or just going to the game to hang out with friends.
   Some students, however, choose not to go Homecoming due to its stereotypical background. The traditional aspects of it do not appeal to everyone, which is understandable; not everyone likes bright colors and screaming crowds.
   But Homecoming is a chance for every student of Mooresville to become part of one enormous team: The Pioneers. And for those who don’t really care about sports, why not come to be with friends?
   Homecoming is not what it used to be. Once a tradition for the graduates and retired teachers to return and catch up with the current teachers and students, it has evolved into a social party in which students get a chance to meet up with peers and just be teens while their parents enjoy watching student-athletes tackle, cheer and perform. It’s an event which brings the community together to socialize.
   In later years, Homecoming’s major highlights, such as the football game, parade and even the actual floats, haven’t been getting as much attention. While both old and young are sad to see these traditions go, others can see why this is changing. Homecoming gives the student body an opportunity to be a little wild, especially during theme week.
   Even as these changes occur, questions do tend to arise. What kinds of changes should be made to the event to make it more appealing? Should older traditions make a return to help peak student interest?
   MHS, the Pulse Staff would like to issue a challenge to everyone in the Mooresville Community – Let’s start our own traditions; bring back the past to benefit the future. Let’s make the best floats, play competitively at Pep Rally and just have a good time. Let’s support our Mooresville Pioneers and make this year’s Homecoming one to remember.