Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Vacation interupts Spell Bowl Season

by Sara Lambert  
   Spell Bowl will not be happening this year due to the fact that the main competition is on October 15, the first Monday of Fall Vacation.
      “I am disappointed that the team will not compete this year,” Mr. Marine said. “Most of the 2011 team was returning, so the momentum was stopped.”
   There have to be 10 people to compete in order for there to even be a competition, and it would be complicated to get 10 people during Fall Vacation to go compete.
   Mr. Marine is hoping that the Indiana Association of School Principals will consider moving the area competition date away from fall break season next year.
   The MHS team would have participated in three events; Spellapalooza in Cascade High School, Martinsville Invitational, and Area Competition (state qualifier).
  Spell Bowl is a good way to make new friends, and the faculty at MHS hopes the Area Competition date will be moved.  
“I am really kind of disappointed; I was really looking forward to it,” sophomore Haliegh Barnhart said, “It was a good way to make new friends.”