Friday, September 28, 2012

Security Update: From MHS Facebook Page

Update from MHS Facebook Page:

Last evening, parents received information about a threat written on a bathroom wall at Mooresville High School. A threat assessment team - including administrators, certified school safety specialists, and local police – reviewed the information and additional precautionary measures were put into place immediately.

Overnight, local law enforcement conducted multiple sweeps of the MHS/PHMS building and did not find anything suspicious. We will continue to have additional safety measures in place during school today for Mooresville High School as well as the entire campus area.

The safety of the students and staff of all Mooresville schools is of utmost priority. The disruption of our educational day and a threat upon the safety of our students is a very serious matter. With this and all situations, we appreciate the cooperation of our students and school community and ask anyone who may have information about these comments to please contact school administrators or the Mooresville Police Department.