Thursday, March 20, 2014

High School Drama

photo by Tara Davis
by Brett Hoffman  
The MHS Drama Department’s annual spring play premiered on Thursday March 13.
  The play, Varney the Vampire, featured a cast of Mooresville students from various classes. The play told the tale of Varney, portrayed by junior Quinn Cavin, who seeks to end his eternal suffering after the loss of his beloved Amelia, portrayed by junior Olivia Seyerle.
“We had a really fun cast,” Cavin said. “The actors all played their parts brilliantly and the play was an overall success.”
  Along the way, Varney forgets his mission after falling in love with Flora, portrayed by junior Hannah Shelton. Under Varney’s influence Flora begins to wish to become a vampire herself, and its up to her fiance Richard, portrayed by junior Austin Webster, and two of Italy’s finest police inspectors, portrayed by senior Josh Passey and sophomore Brenden Rolland, to slay the vampire and save Flora.
  “I enjoyed being someone else while still being myself,” sophomore Emma Kivett said.
  “I had an amazing group of actors this year,” director Melaney Kassen said. “The play went so well and I’m so excited for next year’s play.”