Wednesday, February 15, 2023

2023 Super Bowl Predictions by Ty Stonehouse

                             2023 Super Bowl Predictions


    With the 2023 Super Bowl season right around the corner on Sunday there have been many debates over the outcome. Both teams in the Super Bowl have worked extremely hard to persevere to the end of their season, and eventually make it to the greatest game in NFL history, the Super Bowl. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are favored in Mooresville High School as the Super Bowl LVII champions. The reason why the Eagles have been predicted to win the Super Bowl is their greater offensive skills over the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Continually, many students in Mooresville High School had many comments about Super Bowl LVII. Kade Fisher, a current student enrolled at Mooresville High School, had many things to say about the outcome of the Super Bowl. 

“In my opinion, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win because they overall have a way better offensive side than the Chiefs,” Fisher said.

On the contrary, some other students believe that the Kansas City Chiefs will be the overall champions of the Super Bowl game. Freshman Brooklyn Clements, another student enrolled at Mooresville High School, believes that the Chiefs will take home another Super Bowl win two times in a row. 

“The Chiefs are going to win because of their motivational, and commitment skills, they are not going down easy,” Clements said.

On another note, experts in the NFL believe that the Super Bowl 2023 winner will be the Philadelphia Eagles. The 71 experts that weighed in on the predictions were hired by ESPN, a sports broadcasting program, to predict their overall champion. The experts believed that the score of the overall game would be in favor of the Eagles with the final score being 45 - 26. 

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