Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Performing Arts Calendar & Plans by Shelby McCoy

      Performing Arts Calendar & Plans

 Music is like water; it gives life to the world and flows through everyone who inhabits it. The Performing Arts Classes at Mooresville High School offer students' great opportunities to flourish. There are multiple branches of music they teach. 

    For starters, the choir is a great option for those who love to sing. They have groups who sing together and perform on stage. They have solo parts for the ones willing to step forward beyond the crowd. There are many instruments to choose from as well. 

    The band will perform at an ISSMA organizational festival. The spring concert will be later this semester. Students will be asked to dress in all black apparel. 

    The Winter concert will be at 2 pm in the auditorium on December 4th. The spring concert will be at 7 pm on April 20th. 

    “I believe that life lessons learned in band class are just as important as musical skill sets.  Things like teamwork, time management and leadership ability to name a few.”

    The Advanced Concert Band is highly effective to those who take it all in and reconstruct it into something that gives life. Music is what this class has to offer, and it’s a great opportunity to do great things. Students learn more than just music here, they learn the way of the world. 

Photo by Kade Fisher