Thursday, February 2, 2023

Heuchan Takes On The Board by Suzanna Paul

              Heuchan Takes On The Board!

    Senior night was last Thursday on January 26, 2023. Three of the nine seniors decided to try to dive in that meet. One of the few seniors was Alex Heuchan, he has been swimming for two years.

    All around he’s a hard worker and when it comes to diving he worked really hard for the past two weeks to be able to dive in competition. Dive Coach Corey Ervin helped with preparing Heuchan along with the other seniors that dove that night.

    “He did well overall with the effort he put in. He did a fantastic job and had a very positive attitude,” Ervin said.

    Along with the two coaches of diving, the middle school team had a big part in preparing Heuchan for the meet. Three of the middle schoolers that had the biggest part were Jon Tyner, Ava Collins and lastly Haley Vandevanter they are all seventh graders.

    “He can do more things than I would’ve expected,” Tyner said.

    Heuchan got his hurdle and his inward dives quickly. The hurdle is the thing that projects all the power in the dive, and the inward is a dive that is flipping inwards to the board.

    Jacob Taylor is another Senior that decided to take on diving this year. He has previous experience in diving from high school, so it came more naturally to him. He saw Heuchan and the way he was evolving and had all positive things to say.

    "He was a great listener, and he really took my words to heart and implicated them onto the board," Taylor said.

    Heuchan practiced everyday halfway through practice on learning and perfecting each dive for the meet. One especially was the front somersault. One of the Tyner was pleasantly surprised on the day that he finally got it down.

    "Honestly with what he had been doing that day, I was surprised and happy when he came out of the water and was super excited," Tyner said.