Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Need Help Scheduling Classes? by Ty Stonehouse

            Need Help Scheduling Classes?

    With scheduling for the next 2023-2024 school year there are a number of many different things that students at Mooresville High School need to know. Scheduling is not something that can usually be taken lightly, or easily. Scheduling tends to be stressful and sometimes challenging depending on a student’s preferences.

    As a result of the stressful situations that many students may face, counselors have created a helpful handbook that students can find on the high school’s website. The booklet includes everything from different classes to what students may need in order to graduate high school through their diploma. 

    Amy Colbert, a school counselor at Mooresville High School, had many words of advice for the upcoming scheduling. “Students should look online at the school website for the handbook we have created to help guide students. The curriculum that has been created is very important, and students should go through the book, and start to become familiar with the classes that they want for the next school year,” Colbert said. 

    Continually, students will be looking into different electives that they may want to take for the following school year. Mrs. Colbert says that students should be prepared for different choices for their electives. Students should have not only their first choice but also their second and third choices. 

    “When students have their second and third choices for their electives, they will be more prepared and ready because we cannot always guarantee that students will get their first choice,” Colbert said. 

Furthermore, incoming freshmen may need to know a few things coming into a large change as well. 8th graders wanting to graduate with an honors diploma for next year, should also be aware of the different requirements that can be found in the pamphlet online.

Scheduling can be very stressful and hard. When students are prepared, scheduling will be simple and more stress free. 

Illustration by Ty Stonehouse