Monday, December 5, 2022

"Munker" Allen Profile - Kade FIsher

                Profile: “Munker” Allen     

    Many students at this school have charismatic personalities, but one of the most is Zacheriah “Munker” Allen. Zacheriah Hamilton Allen is Munker’s full name. Allen’s name is Zach but his nickname that everyone calls him and what he prefers to be called by is Munker. Munker’s nickname apparently came from baseball, but nobody knows the true meaning of his nickname. 

Going to the batting cage is one of Munker's favorite pastimes. Munker is a member of the MHS baseball team and loves to play baseball for leagues outside of school. 

“Bad, but I’m going to try my best and put in a lot of effort,” Munker said when asked about how he thinks his baseball performance will be this year. 

“I play 2K, my favorite color is blue, and I used to be really obsessed with John Deere.” Munker said when we told him to describe himself. Munker is very dedicated to playing Madden, some say that he could earn a scholarship to college for playing 2K professionally. 

“They would probably say that I’m annoying and enthusiastic,” said Munker when asked how his friends would describe him. Munker is a very enthusiastic person, he always brings a lot of energy whenever he’s in a class or just talking with his friends. Not only being a very social person, but he also excels in honors and AP classes. Allen also told us he dreams of working a 9-5 being an accountant 10 years from now.

Hopefully, this story could tell how much Munker is athletic, smart, and energetic. Students like these are what make MHS so great and a fun place to be at. There are many more students like this, but there are too many for just one story. Hopefully telling about this student can describe some of the students that go here and how lucky it is to have Munker at school. 

Photo by Olivia Denny