Friday, September 16, 2022

Spirit Week Days - Suzanna Paul

                         Spirit Week Days 

Homecoming is just around the corner! There are so many exciting things that make the whole Homecoming week so special. One of the most important factors of making Homecoming so special is the spirit days. This year the themes are way different than past years. Everyday is a completely different theme to get dressed up for.

Monday: Tacky Tourist

The first theme of the Homecoming week  is tacky tourists. For this theme the student body will dress as a tourist with bright colors and fun patterns. The Vice President of the Student Council is Holly Conner, she worked hand and hand with creating and voting for the themes.

“Monday is tacky tourist day so imagine the parents that always embarrass you on trips, that’s what we're thinking,” Conner said.

Tuesday: White Lies

The second theme on Tuesday is going to be white lies. For this students wear a white shirt that has a harmless lie on it. For example “today is Monday,” is a lie that doesn’t hurt anyone and is light hearted.

Wednesday: Mathlete vs. Athlete

Wednesday’s theme is going to be an interesting one. This one is Mathlete vs. Athlete. Anyone in any grade can choose between dressing as an athlete or a mathlete in their class colors. Freshmen’s class color is turquoise, and the Sophomore’s class color is hot pink. Junior's class color is light blue and lastly the Senior’s class color is light purple.

“You dress like either a mathlete or an athlete in your class color. This is more to support Powder Puff,” Conner said.

Thursday: Twin Day

Ever wanted to twin with someone? Well Thursday is the day to do it. The theme is Twin Day, so find someone and look as close to them as possible.

Friday: Blue and Gold

Finally the day of the game comes around and it’s time for the iconic blue and gold day theme. This day students will come out in all of their blue and gold Mooresville attire.

“‘Mooresville has great school spirit and I hope to see it in the halls on Friday,” Conner said.

File Photo by Abigail McClelland