Friday, September 16, 2022

Game Day Preview, Mooresville vs. Franklin Community - Kayden Fisher

Game Day Preview, Mooresville vs. Franklin Community

20th ranked Mooresville High School is excited for their Homecoming football game against 28th ranked Franklin Community High School. “We’ve been working hard, Franklin’s a good school so it’ll be a tough fight but we’ve been looking good and not planning on giving up on this win streak,”Head Coach Gillin said.

    For the Franklin lineup, Max Clark is the starting quarterback, John Shepard is the starting running back. Zachary Reese is the starting free safety, and Gabriel Delgado is the starting defensive end. Max Clark has 111.0 receiving yards per game, John Shepard has 50.8 rushing yards per game, Zachary Reese has 7.7 tackles per game, and Gabriel Delgado has 2.5 sacks per game. As of September 15, 2022, Franklin has 3 wins and 1 loss, with a 75% win rate and 2 home victories, 1 away victory, and 1 away loss. 

    For Mooresville’s lineup, Nick Patterson is the starting quarterback, with Levi Dorn as another quarterback but mainly the starting free safety, Kellen Copeland as our Middle Linebacker, Gabe Mccormick as our guard, and Hogan Denny as our running back. So far this seems to be a pretty tight game with a good fight ahead of us. Nick Patterson has 82.8 rushing yards per game, Levi Dorn has 82.5 receiving yards per game, Nick Patterson has 7 total touchdown passes, Kellen Coplenad has 13.8 tackles per game, Gabe Mccormick has 2.5 sacks a game, and Hogan Denny has 3 total interceptions.

As of September 15, 2022, Mooresville has 3 home wins and 1 away win to make a total of a 4-game win streak with 0 losses and a 100% win percentage. 

    So from what can be inferred so far, this seems to be a pretty fair matchup without a clear winner on top, but both teams have a great chance of winning. 

Photo by Kayden Fisher